My First Week

My first week of school was great. I enjoy all my classes, and don’t really have any complaints about anything else. All my teachers are super nice, and the classes themselves, in my opinion, are better than last year. I had to run 2 events on the first 2 days of school, both of which were easy. However, when me and Tyler Kenney ran the second event, an assembly for Christmas catalogs, we had to play a video at the end. It would have gone smoothly if Tyler hadn’t touched the screen while I was trying to play the video, which made it skip the video. Whatever, mistakes happen. Then, I tried to play the video a second time, but this time, I didn’t hold the screen down long enough, which made it skip again. By now, the auditorium was starting to make a fuss, and I started to get angry, as I usually do when things don’t go how they should, especially after it skipped again. So for the third time, for good measure, I held my finger on the screen for the entire duration of the video, which was about 5 minutes. Afterwards, me and Tyler had a friendly argument on whose fault it was that the video messed up. In the end, we both decided that it was equally our fault because of we both realized we messed up the same amount of times. This is usually how our arguments go, as we’ve had them many other times during play season. Now that we’ve inherited the positions of Head Technicians from the previous seniors, I can see us having many more as the stress sets in. Other than the whole assembly fiasco, my week has been good, as I’ve said before. I especially enjoy my Current Issues class and the class I’m writing this post for, American Lit.. Both are super laid back, and the teachers are cool. American Lit. is a big step up from my English class from last year, which wasn’t the greatest classes in my opinion. Not that Mrs. Lacey is a terrible teacher or anything, in fact I actually enjoyed her as a teacher, but the class itself wasn’t about anything that I didn’t already know. So all in all, my first week was a good one, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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