When and Before we started this unit i wasn’t to excited and to some extent dreaded writing poetry for class because of how anal “sensitive” my past teachers where with grading, but Mr Mcgarry, from what he has taught and graded it is almost the polar opposite. Now he can’t avoid every technical things but […]

Toms a greedy Boy

in the story, greed is shown many times in the story especially with the main character Tom who is the poster boy for being greedy with his money. In the story Tom is contently hoarding and being greedy with his money. His glasses are tinted green which represents his greed with the color green. How […]

I’m board

Waking up at 6 o’clock is awful, what do I have to look foreword to? 25 min walk and 6 hours of school and 6 hours at work then coming home then crashing at 11. I don’t do much because i’m always preoccupied all the time, i’m just working or doing school work. So my […]