When and Before we started this unit i wasn’t to excited and to some extent dreaded writing poetry for class because of how anal “sensitive” my past teachers where with grading, but Mr Mcgarry, from what he has taught and graded it is almost the polar opposite. Now he can’t avoid every technical things but oddly enough i’m actually able to retain more then I’ve ever been able to in other classes which is very odd because the is the least restrictive English teach I’ve ever had. While righting my poem i burned two previous ones half way after getting stopped with writers block. It started off as one about the struggles and effects of living in a “broken house hold” to having hatred for a loved one, then finally into one about Someone who has confidence with to stand out but not so popular with the ladies, it was inspired by um, a friend. Both the other topics I’ve saved and plan on coming back to in my spare to. Now with the poem I turned in, I used a lot of long convoluted metaphors that seemed to be more clear to me then it was to other people which i should maybe try to cut back a little on them.some times when writing and even talking i do say things that im easily able to make the connections between the things while almost others never do until i explain them

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