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Thoreau disconnects himself from society to connect himself to life. He lives for a couple years at Walden pond learn what nature had to teach him about life. He wanted to live deliberately and with a purpose. He achieves his goals by building his home, living in nature, and essentially leaving his problems to live in nature. In “Nature”, Emerson is saying that a man can truly be himself without judgment in nature, “Standing on the bare ground—my head bathed by the blithe air and uplifted into infinite space—all mean egotism vanishes.” Both Emerson and Thoreau learned when they simplified life by separating themselves from civilization. 

Where I lived and What I Lived For: In this section, Thoreau explains his leaving society to live at Walden Pond. He explains his journey and his connection to the area. The main idea of this section was for Thoreau to explain his journey and teach his initial lesson that property is not needed. You should use land and move on rather than being permanently planted in one area.

The Conclusion: In this section Thoreau reflects on his adventure at Walden Pond several years later. He explains what he learned and why he left.  The main point of this section is to connect his initial lessons learned to what believes now. He stresses the importance of simplifying your life and the things that are important to your soul. One of the most important lessons from this section is his belief that “Money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul”

I think the benefits of this experiment would include being completely on your own/gaining independence, forming your own views/beliefs/and opinions without society’s impact, and generally have the time and space without others involved to truly be with yourself and learn. I would miss people because I am a very outgoing people person. I would miss the comfort of a traditional social life and social interactions. Which is why there’s no way I could do it especially for 2 years. I could definitely spend some time in solitude but 2 years sounds pretty torturous to me.

I think a lesson a modern reader should take from what we’ve read regarding transcendentalism is that most of the things we value in modern society are really unimportant in the grand scheme of life/ Don’t follow traditions of society.  Thoreau talks about the importance of simplicity and that a person in poverty can be wealthy of life. Emerson talks about the importance of society denying personal growth opportunities in “Self-Reliance”. And both authors talk about disconnecting from society to truely live.

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