Civil Disobedience

I think “government is best which governs least” means a government should not intervene in the lives of its citizens unless absolutely necessary or that a good government is a government makes its citizen fend for themselves.  I do not agree with this statement because though I do think that people should be able to survive on there own I do […]

Blog 15:

Thoreau disconnects himself from society to connect himself to life. He lives for a couple years at Walden pond learn what nature had to teach him about life. He wanted to live deliberately and with a purpose. He achieves his goals by building his home, living in nature, and essentially leaving his problems to live in nature. In “Nature”, Emerson is saying that a […]

Blog 14: End of Argument

Over the course of this unit, my view/understanding of argument has definitely changed.  Prior to the unit I had never completed or prepared an argument completely on my own. The main thing I learned from this is the research aspect of the argument. Research is very important while creating an argument. I learned to use multiple sources to find a variety of information […]

Blog 13: Animal testing con

My topic for debate is Animal testing and I am on the con side of the argument. I don’t have a side on this topic I think that both sides offer valid points and reasoning to their argument. So, I think this was a good topic for me to debate because I understand, agree with, and respect the other side […]

Debates and Life Updates

Welcome back to Pantella Paints. Today we will be discussing debates because McGarry wants us to. Common issues that could be the subject for debate? There are a million things we could debate on some current issues that just drive some people crazy include gender equality, child vaccinations, abortion…Confederate statues. I’m from Charlottesville I had to include it.  But for this blog, […]

Franklin’s Virtues

Ok so for the past week I have been tracking my bad behavior on my behavior chart. Initially I had a hard time figuring out how to /when to add marks. For example, industry should I add a mark for every second, hour, or the minute I was time? There were a few others that led to the same puzzling question. […]

Poetry. Then. Now. Later.

When I started poetry I thought it was an awful unit. I had no excitement for the lessons, analysis,  or projects. I completely despised poetry and the English class that focused on it. I hated poetry. Rhythm, Rhyme, stanzas, allusions, similes metaphors, irony, symbolism, it all made me sick. During this unit, I was no longer appreciating poetry from a safe distance but […]


Poetry is not my favorite subject. I think poetry is fine from a distance. I like to think of poetry like a bee. Its great (beautiful even) from a distance. If you get too close you might get stung….if you analyze too much you might cry or rather I might cry. Regardless I don’t exactly enjoy poetry. I really enjoyed the short story […]