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my topic for debate is abortion. i’m on the con side and i’m actually happy i’m on this side because right now i feel like it might be easier to be on that side. i don’t really have an opinion on this topic right now but that’s good because then i won’t be taken over by emotion and just use emotion in my argument. but i think from my family’s perspective including religion and personal opinion i’m probably on the econ side. i already know that this is a very highly debated and controversial topic that has been going through debate for years. it’s been in movies the lives of famous people and you just hear really young people getting abortions. it’s really highly debated because some people think of it as killing an innocent lives. others mostly on the pro size thin of it as the mom wasting her life away and it’s something she should do. also doing the IR i found out that my author alice walker got an abortion herself when she accidentally got pregnant when she was young. it caused her so much pain and she wrote so much about it it really is a hard thing and i wish i knew if she regrets it or if she was eventually happy about it. when i search abortion the first thing that comes up is the definition “Abortion is the ending of pregnancy due to removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus” then a lot of websites and pages talking about the pros and cons, whether it’s good to get one, why no one should get one. also i thought it was interesting that when people search abortion the next highly searched thing was adoption, marriage, and discrimination. adoption probably because sometimes people get abortions and then they can’t have kids after, marriage because maybe people think they should just get married instead of having an abortion or it’s hard to get married after an abortion, and discrimination because you’re killing an innocent human. i would probably start with the fact that terminating a pregnancy is voluntarily extinguishing a life which could be brought to legal precedence of murder or even assisted suicide. then i would add in alternative options besides abortion like putting it up for adoption. so more biological, legal, and social facts to help me write it because i’m sure the argument can easily be full emotional. like what would i as a young girl do or you can bring in sexual assault is it only only to get an abortion if it was that since it’s technically not someone’s own fault.Image result for abortion


A big current issue in my opinion is the big plastic and pollution problems that keep growing in the oceans affecting the plant and animal lives in the them. The majority of pollutants going into the ocean come from activities on land. Natural processes and human activities along the coastlines and far inland affect the health of our ocean. Which is bad because we not only go on vacations to the beach and do activities in the ocean, we also get lots of resources from it. people who live on islands depend on the ocean and eat the fish. i think we need to focus more on ocean conservation projects and keep looking into research facilities because it’s sad to see our beautiful oceans being destroyed that were here first and are getting overflowing with not only trash but global warming and melting the ice caps which is another debate. 

looking back at the school year so far it’s not going the best but my grades are pretty steady in everything except math. I’ve always been bad at math and i would make a resolution to be better but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible and i have no hope for myself. i do wanna look more into college this year and do better on my sat’s in march. which means i would really like to improve my study habits not just for the sats but for the rest of the year because this is an important year it’s when you look at colleges and set yourself up for senior year. and not as much involving school but still having to do with it i want to use less technology or spend less time on it cause it really just isn’t necessary to be so attached to it and i’ve really been on my phone a lot this school year. and lastly the biggest new years goal i have is to do really good in track this year and just personally improve and  make myself feel proud and accomplished. i might not make it far but as long as i feel like i reached my goal and made maximum effort and gave 100% that’s what i really wanna focus on. which staying in shape and working 0ut for track also keeps me healthy so it’s like a two in one goal.

Franklin’s virtues

On Wednesday when i first made my chart and wrote down all the virtues i thought they were weird and didn’t really apply to me so i wouldn’t have a lot of dots on my chart. then i thought about each virtue again and went through my week to really see if i broke any of them and being honest with myself i actually broke more than i thought. i have broken at least one or two each day which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you see all the dot’s all together it’s quite a bit. the one i broke most was frugality. i didn’t specifically waste one thing but i didn’t’ realize how wasteful i am. like after school i went to dunking a couple times and spent about $20 in total that week when i could of just went home and made coffee instead of wasting my money. i also wasted time when i could of been studying, instead i sat around and didn’t do anything which went along with procrastinating. that was another problem i had. Another one i broke a couple times was temperance. Not alcohol or bad things wise, but if you think bored eating i definitely eat a lot of bad junk food all the time. especially after i work out or go to practice i just eat a whole bunch, and when i’m bored or doing homework i’ll have a bag of popcorn or ice cream. being able to drive also kind of makes it easy. i also didn’t really follow tranquility or sincerity because i lost my patience a couple times during practice when i got frustrated and when my little brother was annoying me which led up to me getting in trouble but that probably won’t change cause i always mess with him. however the things that i broke were easy fixes that i can try to cut down on and change. also new year’s is coming up and usually people make new year’s resolution which is a perfect time to follow some virtues or change a couple things you might not like that you do.

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my first impressions on the dodo’s conundrum was the poem was actually pretty easy to understand. i’m not sure if it’s because we’ve read about similar things or because we’ve learned about poems and know how to understand them better and kind of break each stanza apart and see the theme and emotions of it. the theme is kind of like this guy is making his own perfect little world with nothing wrong comparing things to his own impression’s of the world and how they should be. the location and general sanity of the speaker is a little confusing and i have to go back and reread the meaning of some of the words that were numbered. the only questions i would still ask about the poem would be to other people and how they took the poem and their thoughts about the theme. i would also ask about the mermaid part and what it really means because my table came up with some thoughts and we have a general idea but i don’t know for sure what the speaker means by the simile to mermaids. the questions in sound and sense were definitely easier to answer for the dodo’s conundrum rather than Eldorado because it took so long fro me to truly understand that poem. and we had to do a lot more work on it so i kept changing my mind about what i thought about it and then ya know i got sick of the poem so reading this poem which was a little more refreshing and easier to do. writing poetry helped me read and analyze this poem a little better because it sounds like the speaker it talking it a lot more personally and you try to understand the speakers feelings and perspectives more because you had to do that and take your impression of things to make similes and metaphors. it also helped because we looked for specific things that we had to include in our poems. so it was like we could relate to what the author had to do to write that poem except he’s a professional and his was ten times better so i guess you could say it was more of a learning process.

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having a specific way and specific amount of time to write a poem was extremely stressful. it made writing a poem ten times harder and personally my poem was pretty bad.  i was sitting at my kitchen table for about an hour trying to write it after having all the time in the world over a three day weekend because i could just not be creative and think of a topic let alone actually write the poem. so i just used something as painful as writing a poem, high school, i actually came to the decision that revising my poem made it worse. poetry is hard enough to read so writing our own wasn’t a piece of cake. my perception of poetry hasn’t really changed since the beginning of the unit. i still don’t want to read or write poems. i didn’t really write a second poem so i can’t say my poetry writing capabilities got better. but just a guess off hand i cant predict they didn’t. adding pictures and visual effects to my poem would be really helpful and make is easier to understand. adding a visual makes anything easier to understand. while reading my poem out loud i can actually picture it as a cartoon and the events happening while it being read int he background. that’s probably just because i understand my poem. but i do think images could add some more emotions and thoughts to my poem which i have but not well written enough. that would be a good assignment if we had to draw pictures to go along with our poems but i don’t think anyone wants to do anything else regarding poems.for my poem i could add visuals involving the obstacles and the journey through high school that my poem kind of talks about since mostly every one kind of understands that and can see pictures regarding graduation and school as key points. and usually graduating is pretty emotional so people would see a graduation cap read the line in my poem about it and understand the emotions being used. so pictures definitely make a big difference in poems.


With the amount of things we’ve learned about poetry I still don’t wanna write a poem or read a poem, but when i do it makes them a little more interesting and i know how to analyze them better. When we had to start by analyzing the poems from the books i literally had to read them about five times till i could understand them. When you aren’t really interested in poems it’s hard to understand them and take them apart. So i just chose a poem I didn’t like and took all the bad things about it and eventually tried to understand it and it worked. I don’t think you really have to like poems to take them apart and find the meaning. It also helps that we have google and people that actually understand poems around but still. if someone had to find the theme of a really long poem with difficult words they could it would just take a long time. Also because people analyze things in different ways. different people intemperate things differently. Having to write a poem though. that is gonna be bad. I can try to just follow the notes but it’s most likely gonna sound terrible no matter what. I feel like people mostly write poems about pain and dark stuff or things they love. Like Eldorado and how in the end it had a pretty dark meaning, but if you just read through it quick you wouldn’t pick it up at first. But when we discussed it i actually understood it and it makes sense now. not just people but other things too. I had the idea of writing a poem from a different perspective so it’s like the person reading it can relate from the certain perspective. I realize I don’t really have any other ideas besides that because all iv’e read is Dr. Suess and where the sidewalk ends and back in the day those poems were pretty easy to understand considering they came with pictures. Maybe i’ll add a picture with mine because i have a feeling it’s gonna be stupid and confusing.

independent reading 2

Another book i read was to all the boys i’ve loved before. And when you heard the title it sounds pretty terrible and cheesy but it was actually pretty good. It was a little different that your average teenage drama love story. This book also got really popular so when i first started it i though it had to be at least a little bit good. It had more hidden messages and side stories than just two teenagers in love that you just have to take notice a little bit more to see. It had to do with single parents who have lost a loved one or gone through with divorce which i can’t relate and reflect to, and i think many people can who might read or have read the book. It also shows the leader an older sibling has to be to their younger sibling and how they have to help them to make good choices because it can reflect back on to them. Which makes you look past the main character and how she is trying to find love and focus on the relationship of the siblings and each trait they carry that relates to one another and the traditions in the beginning of the book that change in the also shows a little bit of mixed races which really isn’t focused on at all but if you pay attention and pick up on the details you learn that the main character, laura jean’s, mother and father are different races resulting in a family of diversity mixing up your usual stories you may read or see on the movies. Lot’s of kids especially these days have diversified family including myself and it’s a little different sometimes but you learn to accept it and appreciate it eventually. Which in the book laura jean shows nothing but love and appreciation to them the whole time sending a good message. That’s how everyone should feel in my opinion which i feel is mutual to everyone. Which is actually something i can relate to in the other book i read, the hate you give. The main character there has some troubles between her all white school and her black mixed race school. She didn’t know who to be and act around each of them, she felt like she had to act different, but she should be able to act herself around both. Say her opinions and not feel under spoken. Which i can say is one of laura jeans strengths in to all the boys i loved before even though it was different still. It also includes the usual story of finding true friends and being yourself around them, which is good because no one should have to feel uncomfortable at school or around other people. They should be surrounded by people that accept them and can help them through life. Which laura jean finds out. I think readers and students could relate to this even though i may have put a lot of extra thought into which i like to do with books. Just look past them a little bit and pay attention to details, which i definitely don’t do a lot. I also noticed in this she appreciates her friends since her lack of family and sister left and went to college. Which just makes you think and take notice of your personal situation because i fortunately have both of my parents. It was a pretty good book to take and look past to find other meanings in since you already know the normal love stories you hear all the time. I hope to read the sequel next and hopefully it’s good too.Image result for to all the boys i've loved before

independent reading

One of the books i read was the hate you give. an eye opening, informing, and empowering book. I would recommend it to anyone and read it twice. they also recently made a movie based on the book which made me want to read it before the movie came out and i’m glad i did. The issues going on today in modern day U.S are made so real and heavy in the book. If you didn’t know much about the incidents where killing of unarmed colored people by police officers have happened you will went to know and make everyone aware of what is going on. It is a very important book about race relations and law enforcement which has always been a problem. By actually reading a whole story about it the reader is able to know more and get to know each character and what they went through. Which allows the book to tell about the things that go on inside those neighborhoods and to not judge a book by their cover when you seen people on the streets. When you hear about gangs and drugs some people might be scared of that until you hear about the families affected by it and then all you can do is feel sad for them. I also connected to the book because as a young person you hear about drinking and drugs and the trouble people get into. Everyone has a choice whether you want to to do them or not. The hate you give shows clearly the struggle and trouble drugs and alcohol can get you into. so as young people read the book i feel like they can take multiple lesson from it one being not to try drugs or alcohol. the events should make them scared of the outcome. However the book pulls you in and is really good not just telling you about sad events. it makes you think and the author also lightens it up by adding humor which every story needs so you can reflect to the characters and see that they are just like you. one day everything is okay and then the next their whole life changes. the main character Starr’s main struggle is trying to figure out if she should speak up about her friend and risk things or stay hidden in sorrow. as young kids start to develop opinions it’s hard for them to speak out at first. It could be a incident or just an innocent opinion but usually they are afraid of being judged. the author just shows so well of the power and impact one action can make if you just speak up. I know after i read it made me tell everyone about it do they can read it and see how strong the main character Starr is and how one thing changed and affected her community in a good way. When you speak out it doesn’t need to be a as big and bold as star but it can be as little as starting with one person or a club. Like right here at our school. students for social awareness is a good club. we talked about school shootings in it and that was a big event that affects all of us here and people got to know about and be made aware. I don’t think anyone there cared about the consequences because it was such a strong thing to be apart of just like star. I could probably go on about the powerful meaning of the book but in the end it was genuinely a good read and i’m glad i read it.

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blog 6

my first initial thought when i started my story was pretty close to what i ended with but with more events put in order to lead up top the ending. i had to write down thoughts and go back and add them into specific parts of my story until they made sense and fit well. i strayed away from my story board a little and my plot diagram but i remembered to keep all of my characters and give them an important roll but not stray away from the climax. if i had more time i would go back and add more about the minor characters and give them longer flashbacks about themselves. i also had a very hard time introducing my characters and starting off my story at first so i just did something random. i tried to add more detail and dialogue in my story to keep it interesting because it was really boring and lifeless. but i think i did well adding more in even though i could of added more. i really changed my story the most by making it more realistic and also still eventful. i also just really tried to let myself write and not stay along the story line at first but then go back and fix it. which my story is pretty terrible but from what it started out as trust me it came a long way. i also tried to add some humor and realistic funny conversations because i love that in books, movies, and plays. i also tried to switch up some common words but still had said and there a lot i found it hard not to use those words. i also planned on using my six word short story sentence at the end of the story but ended up using it right at the beginning to get it out of the way and introduce what my story was gonna be like and allow to reader to guess just like how we had to do to write our stories even though they don’t initially know that. i was also able to write more by thinking about stuff i already knew and relating it to the real world.

short story writing

I chose the sentence music came from the abandoned house. I had two thoughts that I got from the sentence, either the music could be haunted music coming from a haunted house, or a story about teenage kids playing music from the house. My story is about two kids. One is quiet and want’s to doe something more than what his parents want him to do after high school. The other is a trouble maker who has no plans with his life and lives off his parents money. They have a dream of starting a band inspired by their classic music inspirations. However its 2018 and no one thinks their band will be good because every one likes pop music and rap. So from all the pressure and negativity the protagonist Freddie they bad one of the two friends has the great idea to leave and go out west with no money, no plan, and just trying to get famous. Which the percentage of that happening is very small and charlie the main character knows that but’s hes so bored with everything and fed up with his parents he leaves. Which ends up sparking a series of adventures and them getting into some trouble. they really wanna find some people that appreciate bands like zeppelin and black sabbath to help them boost their careers. But along the way they meet a lot more interesting people who each have a story to tell that helps charlie learn different lessons. ill tell each of their stories by adding flashback about each person they meet. I thought it would be a cool way to make the story interesting and actually be realistic instead of something like they find a time machine and get to travel back in time but get stuck and have to figure out how to get back. Which I might have to end up doing if my story ends up not being interesting which it’s probably gonna be pretty terrible, we’ll see. The things we’ve been doing have just helped me develop the characters and how they interact with each other through the story. I also realized how much the conflict is important and shapes the whole story.