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My reaction to the film citizen Kane was actually pretty good. For an old film i was drawn in the whole time and although some of the parts were a bit dry or confusing there was enough going on and plot twists to make it interesting. It was almost a little more realistic than vertigo. The fact that it was black and white and i didn’t even mind was also a good sign. I think before we started the film when we had to think about the two questions, why isn’t charlie happy and what does he want, was really helpful because then we could pick out specific details and piece them together throughout the whole movie. You initially know charlie isn’t happy because he was taken away from his family at a young age even though his parents just wanted him to have a better life and his mother wanted him away from his father, they didn’t think about his true happiness which sticks with the theme money can’t buy happiness. And everyone can say a big flashy life filled with money is pretty much the american dream. Throughout the movie everything charlie does isn’t because he truly cares about them it’s because he gets fun and enjoyment  out of them to almost distract him from his true loneliness and lack of love he has felt since his mom sent him away. both of the woman he marries get excitement and enjoyment from the big rich life he lives but eventually after some time they realize he doesn’t have any love to give he just wants to receive it and feel something new like when he was younger. Susan’s story and remembrance of him really stood out to me because even though he didn’t love her really she still talked about him and was a wreck when he died because she loved him. Especially the scene where he went on a rampage and destroyed everything of hers because before that he just wanted her to stay with him so bad and says “you can’t do this to me” making it about him and she just can’t take it anymore and leaves feeling like she took control because she can do this to him. Which leads directly to the main mystery and point to the story finding out what rosebud means. He finds Susan’s snow globe and immediately remembers the last time he was happy at his house when he was younger playing in the snow before he was taken away from his parents who he loved. Then the last scene shows his sled getting burned that he played with in the snow and you see his life didn’t matter anymore and he should of lived for other people and himself not the money and filling his time collecting useless thing. I also found it funny that the whole movie was just leading up to a sled instead of something more shocking, so that was a nice touch.Image result for rosebud in citizen kaneImage result for rosebud in citizen kane

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