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After painfully and confusingly reading all the poems i can say i hated the least “lovesong of j Alfred Prufrock” by ts eliot. the other two poems were really just about everyone falling into place in society. how once every gets comfortable no one breaks out of common action and speaks out to be different. “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” just talked about everyone being the same when they go to bed wearing white nightgowns and the only time they are different is when they dream and go to bed. It’s almost like even though no one sees them when they go to bed they still pick the white night gown to be safe and not take the risk of being different. dreaming is a time they can break away from society and not be publicly different or judged. But then a guy goes to bed drunk and finally dreams about weird odd things but they are different than anyone else’s normal dream. “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” isn’t much different as the other one where it also talks about commonness and blending in with society and that life will just go on. the poem says how women and men are just together there is differentiation between gender making one stand out from the other. Both the poems just show how society is wrongly perceived and distorted. I feel like i chose the first poem “lovesong of j alfred prufrock” because although it is showing how much closure people can put up and the fake people out there this one person, prufrock, is looking out at high society and finally decided to tell the truth even though he feels unworthy. And it’s really hard to do that sometimes, but he is not only accepting himself he’s telling the truth which can be a risky ugly thing. Also not only telling lies but lying to yourself is an even worse, which you can take away from the poem. The other two poems really just get across their point of how these people are nothing to society but don’t have as much of a realistic outcome.Image result for blending into society

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