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my thoughts about the short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was confused at first but then i understood it and thought it was really interesting and funny when i figured out who all the characters were and why the certain people telling certain parts were important. i liked how this high class guy was looking for a specific story and then got a whole other story from this low class southern guy who could probably juts sit there all day and tell everyone stories if they asked. the satire was also good because of the way the character simon talked and the words he used when he told his story. it also just gives you a feel of how mark twain is going to write. i’m excited to read huckleberry finn because i don’t really know anything about it or the style the story is going to be written except for satire and how “the celebrated jumping frog…” was written fro a bit of an idea. i’m pretty sure it was made into a movie so i can only expect good things from it and that i’ll like it. my thought’s on the short film imom were interesting. the showing of dependency on technology, mother and father relationships, how imom was a product of us, wine mom or (alcoholic), and the baby being killed wasn’t really average humor. it was more dark humor to show the message of the short film and still use satire. the comments the parents made to each other in the commercial as well as the spokes person showed satire between them and the comments the little kid would make to the imom showed satire too. humor really wasn’t the goal in the end though you can tell because the parent and kid relationships were a lot more important and stood out a lot and everyone at the end showed they had lines and the main guy didn’t know what to say anymore because it was all fake and the imom didn’t work in the end showing society shouldn’t use all this technology and stray away from their kids because the technology could go wrong and the parents could have bad relationships with kids.Image result for confused

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I would say i enjoy some satire humor because i like shows like That 70’s Show which I’ve talked about like 5 times and Saturday Night Live where all they do it make fun of stupid things  that people do. for example like in their Donald trump skits featuring Alec Baldwin all they do is make fun of Donald trump and the arguments plus decisions he makes with other people. i don’t like dark humor or gross humor but i appreciate some wit-wordplay humor and humor making fun of other people. in That 70’s show they make fun of tacky things in the 70’s, there’s lot’s of hippy jokes, and make fun of the one character in the group that is “the stupid one”. and if you watch that show you know the biggest thing is burns. the characters are always trying to roast each other and yell burn after. for example, . there are really easily to pick out stereotypical characters like the older sister who is mean and kind of a whore, Kelso who is stupid, fez who is from another country and they always make jokes how they don’t know what he is saying, Eric the nerdy kid, Jackie the pretty rich girl, and Hyde the cool kid that doesn’t care about anything and doesn’t care about school. all these characters just set up the humor in the show. Onto Mark twain, as of right now i don’t know anything about mark twain except he wrote huck finn, a really well known american novel, and liked to use humor. he started off having many different jobs before becoming a writer. he was an apprentice at a printing press, a river pilot, he tried mining, and then finally turned to journalism to start his writing career. Mark twain wrote at least 22 published books and made a great deal of money he used to invest in his ideas and get rid of debt. now he is know as an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer, and has many things to commemorate him including the mark twain house which was turned into a museum.