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i had never  heard of vertigo before until it was introduced in class and i knew we were gonna watch it. i was initially really excited to watch it because i love movies and an old movie like this that you have to pay close attention to and pick up on little details and big plot twists are especially good. i had heard of other Alfred Hitchcock movies before and remembered this one episode of that 70’s show where they made fun of Alfred Hitchcock movies but until now i never realized they were making fun off vertigo. they had one character be afraid of heights like Scotty in the movie, swirl patterns, and close ups of peoples faces when they are scared to show vertigo. i got excited cause i made that little connection, which now that i’m thinking about it isn’t that amazing, but now i now how famous that movie is. back to the review of the movie, in the beginning it was interesting and easy to predict but then the huge plot twist happened and we find out what Gavin did and i was so shook. it was so shocking i’m still thinking about what happened sitting here in Spanish wondering whats gonna happen and we haven’t even finished it. after that happened i have very high ratings on the movie because that really made it exciting and the music and camera angles did too even how dated they are it really does do something when you are watching  it too add that extra effect. with knowing the effects are dated i would just change them to make it more modern which i can’t imagine how much that would change it and make someone dizzy or confused if they do just from these little cartoon effects and zoomed in screen. like with using modern cameras and special effects it would be extra suspenseful on a whole other level. i would also make scotty just a bit less creepy but i guess that adds to the whole Madeline might be possessed effect but he still loves her, even though she really isn’t Madeline and everyone is just confused. so looking past some of the cringe parts the actual story line we’ve watched so far is pretty good, 10/10 rating. Image result for vertigo movie

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