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i can agree but also disagree with thoreau statement “That government is best which governs least”. he doesn’t like the government and thinks we shouldn’t have it so they can stay out of our business and we can be independent. i agree with that because i think as people we need to make our own decisions that are best for the state that we are in and the government doesn’t always make the best decision and it ends badly. for instance the government just shut down recently. that’s not going well. but then again if there wasn’t any control there would be an even bigger mess between the people. the government still needs some overall total control because things would be like the purge if people controlled things. but people just want things to be more equal which the government doesn’t do and should help change this so all people can feel like they have powers and their opinions matter. so even though the government does need to make sure rules are followed and everything is in order i can kind of understand what thoreau means. but we need government to keep everyone and thing safe even though these days everything is a mess. so the argument is actually hard to pick a side for because our government has always been controversial.  so i think we just need to have a government with a leader that isn’t controversial because everyone looks at the main person when the judge the overall. then maybe people would respect the government more and it wouldn’t be so bad. i also agree with the influence thoreau put no Martin Luther King jr. and Gandhi and the way they approach the protest because they were very peaceful and had such string points about what they did that our government should take more of that approach and could learn from them because they still influence us today. whenever things go violent it’s because they are ignored by the government and not taken proper steps to make sure people know that they care and hear their opinions, so people sometimes get so frustrated that their voices aren’t heard they result to violence to get attention on the topic. and that actually has happened and it’s not good. but i do think that civil disobedience is effective and important if just done the right way and everything is shown importance.Image result for peaceful government

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