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my topic for debate is abortion. i’m on the con side and i’m actually happy i’m on this side because right now i feel like it might be easier to be on that side. i don’t really have an opinion on this topic right now but that’s good because then i won’t be taken over by emotion and just use emotion in my argument. but i think from my family’s perspective including religion and personal opinion i’m probably on the econ side. i already know that this is a very highly debated and controversial topic that has been going through debate for years. it’s been in movies the lives of famous people and you just hear really young people getting abortions. it’s really highly debated because some people think of it as killing an innocent lives. others mostly on the pro size thin of it as the mom wasting her life away and it’s something she should do. also doing the IR i found out that my author alice walker got an abortion herself when she accidentally got pregnant when she was young. it caused her so much pain and she wrote so much about it it really is a hard thing and i wish i knew if she regrets it or if she was eventually happy about it. when i search abortion the first thing that comes up is the definition “Abortion is the ending of pregnancy due to removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus” then a lot of websites and pages talking about the pros and cons, whether it’s good to get one, why no one should get one. also i thought it was interesting that when people search abortion the next highly searched thing was adoption, marriage, and discrimination. adoption probably because sometimes people get abortions and then they can’t have kids after, marriage because maybe people think they should just get married instead of having an abortion or it’s hard to get married after an abortion, and discrimination because you’re killing an innocent human. i would probably start with the fact that terminating a pregnancy is voluntarily extinguishing a life which could be brought to legal precedence of murder or even assisted suicide. then i would add in alternative options besides abortion like putting it up for adoption. so more biological, legal, and social facts to help me write it because i’m sure the argument can easily be full emotional. like what would i as a young girl do or you can bring in sexual assault is it only only to get an abortion if it was that since it’s technically not someone’s own fault.Image result for abortion

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