A big current issue in my opinion is the big plastic and pollution problems that keep growing in the oceans affecting the plant and animal lives in the them. The majority of pollutants going into the ocean come from activities on land. Natural processes and human activities along the coastlines and far inland affect the health of our ocean. Which is bad because we not only go on vacations to the beach and do activities in the ocean, we also get lots of resources from it. people who live on islands depend on the ocean and eat the fish. i think we need to focus more on ocean conservation projects and keep looking into research facilities because it’s sad to see our beautiful oceans being destroyed that were here first and are getting overflowing with not only trash but global warming and melting the ice caps which is another debate.¬†

looking back at the school year so far it’s not going the best but my grades are pretty steady in everything except math. I’ve always been bad at math and i would make a resolution to be better but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible and i have no hope for myself. i do wanna look more into college this year and do better on my sat’s in march. which means i would really like to improve my study habits not just for the sats but for the rest of the year because this is an important year it’s when you look at colleges and set yourself up for senior year. and not as much involving school but still having to do with it i want to use less technology or spend less time on it cause it really just isn’t necessary to be so attached to it and i’ve really been on my phone a lot this school year. and lastly the biggest new years goal i have is to do really good in track this year and just personally improve and ¬†make myself feel proud and accomplished. i might not make it far but as long as i feel like i reached my goal and made maximum effort and gave 100% that’s what i really wanna focus on. which staying in shape and working 0ut for track also keeps me healthy so it’s like a two in one goal.

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