Franklin’s virtues

On Wednesday when i first made my chart and wrote down all the virtues i thought they were weird and didn’t really apply to me so i wouldn’t have a lot of dots on my chart. then i thought about each virtue again and went through my week to really see if i broke any of them and being honest with myself i actually broke more than i thought. i have broken at least one or two each day which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you see all the dot’s all together it’s quite a bit. the one i broke most was frugality. i didn’t specifically waste one thing but i didn’t’ realize how wasteful i am. like after school i went to dunking a couple times and spent about $20 in total that week when i could of just went home and made coffee instead of wasting my money. i also wasted time when i could of been studying, instead i sat around and didn’t do anything which went along with procrastinating. that was another problem i had. Another one i broke a couple times was temperance. Not alcohol or bad things wise, but if you think bored eating i definitely eat a lot of bad junk food all the time. especially after i work out or go to practice i just eat a whole bunch, and when i’m bored or doing homework i’ll have a bag of popcorn or ice cream. being able to drive also kind of makes it easy. i also didn’t really follow tranquility or sincerity because i lost my patience a couple times during practice when i got frustrated and when my little brother was annoying me which led up to me getting in trouble but that probably won’t change cause i always mess with him. however the things that i broke were easy fixes that i can try to cut down on and change. also new year’s is coming up and usually people make new year’s resolution which is a perfect time to follow some virtues or change a couple things you might not like that you do.