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my first impressions on the dodo’s conundrum was the poem was actually pretty easy to understand. i’m not sure if it’s because we’ve read about similar things or because we’ve learned about poems and know how to understand them better and kind of break each stanza apart and see the theme and emotions of it. the theme is kind of like this guy is making his own perfect little world with nothing wrong comparing things to his own impression’s of the world and how they should be. the location and general sanity of the speaker is a little confusing and i have to go back and reread the meaning of some of the words that were numbered. the only questions i would still ask about the poem would be to other people and how they took the poem and their thoughts about the theme. i would also ask about the mermaid part and what it really means because my table came up with some thoughts and we have a general idea but i don’t know for sure what the speaker means by the simile to mermaids. the questions in sound and sense were definitely easier to answer for the dodo’s conundrum rather than Eldorado because it took so long fro me to truly understand that poem. and we had to do a lot more work on it so i kept changing my mind about what i thought about it and then ya know i got sick of the poem so reading this poem which was a little more refreshing and easier to do. writing poetry helped me read and analyze this poem a little better because it sounds like the speaker it talking it a lot more personally and you try to understand the speakers feelings and perspectives more because you had to do that and take your impression of things to make similes and metaphors. it also helped because we looked for specific things that we had to include in our poems. so it was like we could relate to what the author had to do to write that poem except he’s a professional and his was ten times better so i guess you could say it was more of a learning process.

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