With the amount of things we’ve learned about poetry I still don’t wanna write a poem or read a poem, but when i do it makes them a little more interesting and i know how to analyze them better. When we had to start by analyzing the poems from the books i literally had to read them about five times till i could understand them. When you aren’t really interested in poems it’s hard to understand them and take them apart. So i just chose a poem I didn’t like and took all the bad things about it and eventually tried to understand it and it worked. I don’t think you really have to like poems to take them apart and find the meaning. It also helps that we have google and people that actually understand poems around but still. if someone had to find the theme of a really long poem with difficult words they could it would just take a long time. Also because people analyze things in different ways. different people intemperate things differently. Having to write a poem though. that is gonna be bad. I can try to just follow the notes but it’s most likely gonna sound terrible no matter what. I feel like people mostly write poems about pain and dark stuff or things they love. Like Eldorado and how in the end it had a pretty dark meaning, but if you just read through it quick you wouldn’t pick it up at first. But when we discussed it i actually understood it and it makes sense now. not just people but other things too. I had the idea of writing a poem from a different perspective so it’s like the person reading it can relate from the certain perspective. I realize I don’t really have any other ideas besides that because all iv’e read is Dr. Suess and where the sidewalk ends and back in the day those poems were pretty easy to understand considering they came with pictures. Maybe i’ll add a picture with mine because i have a feeling it’s gonna be stupid and confusing.

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