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One of the books i read was the hate you give. an eye opening, informing, and empowering book. I would recommend it to anyone and read it twice. they also recently made a movie based on the book which made me want to read it before the movie came out and i’m glad i did. The issues going on today in modern day U.S are made so real and heavy in the book. If you didn’t know much about the incidents where killing of unarmed colored people by police officers have happened you will went to know and make everyone aware of what is going on. It is a very important book about race relations and law enforcement which has always been a problem. By actually reading a whole story about it the reader is able to know more and get to know each character and what they went through. Which allows the book to tell about the things that go on inside those neighborhoods and to not judge a book by their cover when you seen people on the streets. When you hear about gangs and drugs some people might be scared of that until you hear about the families affected by it and then all you can do is feel sad for them. I also connected to the book because as a young person you hear about drinking and drugs and the trouble people get into. Everyone has a choice whether you want to to do them or not. The hate you give shows clearly the struggle and trouble drugs and alcohol can get you into. so as young people read the book i feel like they can take multiple lesson from it one being not to try drugs or alcohol. the events should make them scared of the outcome. However the book pulls you in and is really good not just telling you about sad events. it makes you think and the author also lightens it up by adding humor which every story needs so you can reflect to the characters and see that they are just like you. one day everything is okay and then the next their whole life changes. the main character Starr’s main struggle is trying to figure out if she should speak up about her friend and risk things or stay hidden in sorrow. as young kids start to develop opinions it’s hard for them to speak out at first. It could be a incident or just an innocent opinion but usually they are afraid of being judged. the author just shows so well of the power and impact one action can make if you just speak up. I know after i read it made me tell everyone about it do they can read it and see how strong the main character Starr is and how one thing changed and affected her community in a good way. When you speak out it doesn’t need to be a as big and bold as star but it can be as little as starting with one person or a club. Like right here at our school. students for social awareness is a good club. we talked about school shootings in it and that was a big event that affects all of us here and people got to know about and be made aware. I don’t think anyone there cared about the consequences because it was such a strong thing to be apart of just like star. I could probably go on about the powerful meaning of the book but in the end it was genuinely a good read and i’m glad i read it.

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