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Another book i read was to all the boys i’ve loved before. And when you heard the title it sounds pretty terrible and cheesy but it was actually pretty good. It was a little different that your average teenage drama love story. This book also got really popular so when i first started it i though it had to be at least a little bit good. It had more hidden messages and side stories than just two teenagers in love that you just have to take notice a little bit more to see. It had to do with single parents who have lost a loved one or gone through with divorce which i can’t relate and reflect to, and i think many people can who might read or have read the book. It also shows the leader an older sibling has to be to their younger sibling and how they have to help them to make good choices because it can reflect back on to them. Which makes you look past the main character and how she is trying to find love and focus on the relationship of the siblings and each trait they carry that relates to one another and the traditions in the beginning of the book that change in the also shows a little bit of mixed races which really isn’t focused on at all but if you pay attention and pick up on the details you learn that the main character, laura jean’s, mother and father are different races resulting in a family of diversity mixing up your usual stories you may read or see on the movies. Lot’s of kids especially these days have diversified family including myself and it’s a little different sometimes but you learn to accept it and appreciate it eventually. Which in the book laura jean shows nothing but love and appreciation to them the whole time sending a good message. That’s how everyone should feel in my opinion which i feel is mutual to everyone. Which is actually something i can relate to in the other book i read, the hate you give. The main character there has some troubles between her all white school and her black mixed race school. She didn’t know who to be and act around each of them, she felt like she had to act different, but she should be able to act herself around both. Say her opinions and not feel under spoken. Which i can say is one of laura jeans strengths in to all the boys i loved before even though it was different still. It also includes the usual story of finding true friends and being yourself around them, which is good because no one should have to feel uncomfortable at school or around other people. They should be surrounded by people that accept them and can help them through life. Which laura jean finds out. I think readers and students could relate to this even though i may have put a lot of extra thought into which i like to do with books. Just look past them a little bit and pay attention to details, which i definitely don’t do a lot. I also noticed in this she appreciates her friends since her lack of family and sister left and went to college. Which just makes you think and take notice of your personal situation because i fortunately have both of my parents. It was a pretty good book to take and look past to find other meanings in since you already know the normal love stories you hear all the time. I hope to read the sequel next and hopefully it’s good too.Image result for to all the boys i've loved before

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