blog 6

my first initial thought when i started my story was pretty close to what i ended with but with more events put in order to lead up top the ending. i had to write down thoughts and go back and add them into specific parts of my story until they made sense and fit well. i strayed away from my story board a little and my plot diagram but i remembered to keep all of my characters and give them an important roll but not stray away from the climax. if i had more time i would go back and add more about the minor characters and give them longer flashbacks about themselves. i also had a very hard time introducing my characters and starting off my story at first so i just did something random. i tried to add more detail and dialogue in my story to keep it interesting because it was really boring and lifeless. but i think i did well adding more in even though i could of added more. i really changed my story the most by making it more realistic and also still eventful. i also just really tried to let myself write and not stay along the story line at first but then go back and fix it. which my story is pretty terrible but from what it started out as trust me it came a long way. i also tried to add some humor and realistic funny conversations because i love that in books, movies, and plays. i also tried to switch up some common words but still had said and there a lot i found it hard not to use those words. i also planned on using my six word short story sentence at the end of the story but ended up using it right at the beginning to get it out of the way and introduce what my story was gonna be like and allow to reader to guess just like how we had to do to write our stories even though they don’t initially know that. i was also able to write more by thinking about stuff i already knew and relating it to the real world.