the devil and tom walker

The devil and tom walk was a very unusual and hard to understand at sometimes kind of book. but when you break it down and read through over and over it’s very interesting and makes sense. I’ve never read anything like it before but there’s lots of stories about learning lessons and not getting over taken by money. Also how it got tom and his wife killed by the devil. There’s a lot of interesting twists and turns in the story not just about tom and the devil but also the colony. The people aren’t even phased by the scary setting of the swamp and the devil killing tom and his wife. Usually in normal stories the towns people are all scared or chasing the bad guy with a pitch fork. In the beginning however it was interesting when it talked about Kidd being a pirate and having treasure which I’ve heard of before.Which kinda tells you It’s not a good society and maybe they are all crazy. The only point you really get out of the story is mostly to not let money over take you and if the author is trying to be religious not let the devil tempt you. If I could change or modify the story I would definitely add more about the wife and continue her interaction with the devil a little bit to make it more interesting. Add some detail and action to spice it up because even tho you know she died it drops little hints like there were foot prints and clumps of the devils hair was pulled out. I would also juts modernize some of the terms and words used so that way people could understand it better cause I know personally I had to read it a couple times to get the full theme of the story. I would also maybe add a little more about the people in the colony and make them react more the events in the story and more about the trees. Other than that it was a very interesting story that I’ve never heard of before and it makes you think and read it a little different than normally to process the different terms used and interactions between the devil and tom.Image result for the devil and tom walker

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