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My reaction to the film citizen Kane was actually pretty good. For an old film i was drawn in the whole time and although some of the parts were a bit dry or confusing there was enough going on and plot twists to make it interesting. It was almost a little more realistic than vertigo. The fact that it was black and white and i didn’t even mind was also a good sign. I think before we started the film when we had to think about the two questions, why isn’t charlie happy and what does he want, was really helpful because then we could pick out specific details and piece them together throughout the whole movie. You initially know charlie isn’t happy because he was taken away from his family at a young age even though his parents just wanted him to have a better life and his mother wanted him away from his father, they didn’t think about his true happiness which sticks with the theme money can’t buy happiness. And everyone can say a big flashy life filled with money is pretty much the american dream. Throughout the movie everything charlie does isn’t because he truly cares about them it’s because he gets fun and enjoyment  out of them to almost distract him from his true loneliness and lack of love he has felt since his mom sent him away. both of the woman he marries get excitement and enjoyment from the big rich life he lives but eventually after some time they realize he doesn’t have any love to give he just wants to receive it and feel something new like when he was younger. Susan’s story and remembrance of him really stood out to me because even though he didn’t love her really she still talked about him and was a wreck when he died because she loved him. Especially the scene where he went on a rampage and destroyed everything of hers because before that he just wanted her to stay with him so bad and says “you can’t do this to me” making it about him and she just can’t take it anymore and leaves feeling like she took control because she can do this to him. Which leads directly to the main mystery and point to the story finding out what rosebud means. He finds Susan’s snow globe and immediately remembers the last time he was happy at his house when he was younger playing in the snow before he was taken away from his parents who he loved. Then the last scene shows his sled getting burned that he played with in the snow and you see his life didn’t matter anymore and he should of lived for other people and himself not the money and filling his time collecting useless thing. I also found it funny that the whole movie was just leading up to a sled instead of something more shocking, so that was a nice touch.Image result for rosebud in citizen kaneImage result for rosebud in citizen kane

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After painfully and confusingly reading all the poems i can say i hated the least “lovesong of j Alfred Prufrock” by ts eliot. the other two poems were really just about everyone falling into place in society. how once every gets comfortable no one breaks out of common action and speaks out to be different. “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” just talked about everyone being the same when they go to bed wearing white nightgowns and the only time they are different is when they dream and go to bed. It’s almost like even though no one sees them when they go to bed they still pick the white night gown to be safe and not take the risk of being different. dreaming is a time they can break away from society and not be publicly different or judged. But then a guy goes to bed drunk and finally dreams about weird odd things but they are different than anyone else’s normal dream. “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” isn’t much different as the other one where it also talks about commonness and blending in with society and that life will just go on. the poem says how women and men are just together there is differentiation between gender making one stand out from the other. Both the poems just show how society is wrongly perceived and distorted. I feel like i chose the first poem “lovesong of j alfred prufrock” because although it is showing how much closure people can put up and the fake people out there this one person, prufrock, is looking out at high society and finally decided to tell the truth even though he feels unworthy. And it’s really hard to do that sometimes, but he is not only accepting himself he’s telling the truth which can be a risky ugly thing. Also not only telling lies but lying to yourself is an even worse, which you can take away from the poem. The other two poems really just get across their point of how these people are nothing to society but don’t have as much of a realistic outcome.Image result for blending into society

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my thoughts about the short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was confused at first but then i understood it and thought it was really interesting and funny when i figured out who all the characters were and why the certain people telling certain parts were important. i liked how this high class guy was looking for a specific story and then got a whole other story from this low class southern guy who could probably juts sit there all day and tell everyone stories if they asked. the satire was also good because of the way the character simon talked and the words he used when he told his story. it also just gives you a feel of how mark twain is going to write. i’m excited to read huckleberry finn because i don’t really know anything about it or the style the story is going to be written except for satire and how “the celebrated jumping frog…” was written fro a bit of an idea. i’m pretty sure it was made into a movie so i can only expect good things from it and that i’ll like it. my thought’s on the short film imom were interesting. the showing of dependency on technology, mother and father relationships, how imom was a product of us, wine mom or (alcoholic), and the baby being killed wasn’t really average humor. it was more dark humor to show the message of the short film and still use satire. the comments the parents made to each other in the commercial as well as the spokes person showed satire between them and the comments the little kid would make to the imom showed satire too. humor really wasn’t the goal in the end though you can tell because the parent and kid relationships were a lot more important and stood out a lot and everyone at the end showed they had lines and the main guy didn’t know what to say anymore because it was all fake and the imom didn’t work in the end showing society shouldn’t use all this technology and stray away from their kids because the technology could go wrong and the parents could have bad relationships with kids.Image result for confused

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I would say i enjoy some satire humor because i like shows like That 70’s Show which I’ve talked about like 5 times and Saturday Night Live where all they do it make fun of stupid things  that people do. for example like in their Donald trump skits featuring Alec Baldwin all they do is make fun of Donald trump and the arguments plus decisions he makes with other people. i don’t like dark humor or gross humor but i appreciate some wit-wordplay humor and humor making fun of other people. in That 70’s show they make fun of tacky things in the 70’s, there’s lot’s of hippy jokes, and make fun of the one character in the group that is “the stupid one”. and if you watch that show you know the biggest thing is burns. the characters are always trying to roast each other and yell burn after. for example, . there are really easily to pick out stereotypical characters like the older sister who is mean and kind of a whore, Kelso who is stupid, fez who is from another country and they always make jokes how they don’t know what he is saying, Eric the nerdy kid, Jackie the pretty rich girl, and Hyde the cool kid that doesn’t care about anything and doesn’t care about school. all these characters just set up the humor in the show. Onto Mark twain, as of right now i don’t know anything about mark twain except he wrote huck finn, a really well known american novel, and liked to use humor. he started off having many different jobs before becoming a writer. he was an apprentice at a printing press, a river pilot, he tried mining, and then finally turned to journalism to start his writing career. Mark twain wrote at least 22 published books and made a great deal of money he used to invest in his ideas and get rid of debt. now he is know as an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer, and has many things to commemorate him including the mark twain house which was turned into a museum.

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i had never  heard of vertigo before until it was introduced in class and i knew we were gonna watch it. i was initially really excited to watch it because i love movies and an old movie like this that you have to pay close attention to and pick up on little details and big plot twists are especially good. i had heard of other Alfred Hitchcock movies before and remembered this one episode of that 70’s show where they made fun of Alfred Hitchcock movies but until now i never realized they were making fun off vertigo. they had one character be afraid of heights like Scotty in the movie, swirl patterns, and close ups of peoples faces when they are scared to show vertigo. i got excited cause i made that little connection, which now that i’m thinking about it isn’t that amazing, but now i now how famous that movie is. back to the review of the movie, in the beginning it was interesting and easy to predict but then the huge plot twist happened and we find out what Gavin did and i was so shook. it was so shocking i’m still thinking about what happened sitting here in Spanish wondering whats gonna happen and we haven’t even finished it. after that happened i have very high ratings on the movie because that really made it exciting and the music and camera angles did too even how dated they are it really does do something when you are watching  it too add that extra effect. with knowing the effects are dated i would just change them to make it more modern which i can’t imagine how much that would change it and make someone dizzy or confused if they do just from these little cartoon effects and zoomed in screen. like with using modern cameras and special effects it would be extra suspenseful on a whole other level. i would also make scotty just a bit less creepy but i guess that adds to the whole Madeline might be possessed effect but he still loves her, even though she really isn’t Madeline and everyone is just confused. so looking past some of the cringe parts the actual story line we’ve watched so far is pretty good, 10/10 rating. Image result for vertigo movie

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my initial reaction to song of myself was a bit confused. when i first started off reading i could see that he was going to talk about himself and how hes going to better himself, but as i kept reading and he used bigger words i didn’t connect to symbols he was trying to use to explain things and compare things so i got very confused. My group was assigned section 3 a pretty large section of the poem and it wasn’t any less confusing than the beginning ill say that. right off the bat Whitman says “I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end,”. when he said that i thought he was saying people he like to read about of influences but then i learned that he meant the talkers are people who are all talk and no do, they aren’t taking action toward their goal they are just stating what they want to do. meaning he was going to actually achieve his goal for what he wants to do. which makes more sense when i kept reading on. i think one of the most important lines in the poem is “Nor any more youth or age than there is now,” because i think he is really trying to say that there is no better time to accomplish your goals then there is now and i agree with that because till the day he dies he is trying to perfect his poem like he was trying to always better himself and i respect that highly because as a young pretty low accomplished teenager you are always thinking about the future and what we want to do with our lives when we should really just focus on right now and our grades and what we want to do just senior year then getting into college. we can think about what we want to do after we are successful then the next step happens. but back to what he said he really just sets the tone and how serious he is about the rest of the poem. there are also other parts like “To elaborate is no avail, learn’d and unlearn’d feel that it is so” which is very confusing to me. he talks about learning more which i understand but “to elaborate in no avail” i don’t understand. but for the most part at the end of making the slide show i understood our section for the most part. Image result for confused

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i can agree but also disagree with thoreau statement “That government is best which governs least”. he doesn’t like the government and thinks we shouldn’t have it so they can stay out of our business and we can be independent. i agree with that because i think as people we need to make our own decisions that are best for the state that we are in and the government doesn’t always make the best decision and it ends badly. for instance the government just shut down recently. that’s not going well. but then again if there wasn’t any control there would be an even bigger mess between the people. the government still needs some overall total control because things would be like the purge if people controlled things. but people just want things to be more equal which the government doesn’t do and should help change this so all people can feel like they have powers and their opinions matter. so even though the government does need to make sure rules are followed and everything is in order i can kind of understand what thoreau means. but we need government to keep everyone and thing safe even though these days everything is a mess. so the argument is actually hard to pick a side for because our government has always been controversial.  so i think we just need to have a government with a leader that isn’t controversial because everyone looks at the main person when the judge the overall. then maybe people would respect the government more and it wouldn’t be so bad. i also agree with the influence thoreau put no Martin Luther King jr. and Gandhi and the way they approach the protest because they were very peaceful and had such string points about what they did that our government should take more of that approach and could learn from them because they still influence us today. whenever things go violent it’s because they are ignored by the government and not taken proper steps to make sure people know that they care and hear their opinions, so people sometimes get so frustrated that their voices aren’t heard they result to violence to get attention on the topic. and that actually has happened and it’s not good. but i do think that civil disobedience is effective and important if just done the right way and everything is shown importance.Image result for peaceful government

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some connections i can make between Emerson and Thoreau thoughts were that they both made connections to nature. it seems they both think nature is the key to happiness. Emerson take more of a describing approach of what he believes about nature. where Thoreau actually went out and experienced nature by spending two years in the woods to show society corrupts man and he can live on his own without. guided by his own instinct without judgment. hes experiencing and much more simplistic life rather then what he describes society as. when he tells of nature though hes more describing his experience so other people can learn and change their lives to change their lives and revolve more around nature and god. i don’t think i would persevere in this experiment to learn that you don’t have to be judged by society, because two years is a long time to live alone in the woods and stay sane honestly. even though you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone judging you and controlling you i still need help with things all the time. and living in the woods wold cause me to ask a lot mope questions. the way we’ve been raised in this age we don’t have to be fulling self sufficient. we have google to look up things about nature and help us. you can literal have people shop for you know and bring you you food from restaurants so we don’t have to worry about hunting and harvesting. so there is no way i would survive two years in the woods. maybe a week at max. i cant even compare that too camping because i’m sure it was a lot harder. just from reading it though i did learn to not just focus on the typical judgments of society and instead focus on the little and more sensitize things. i also think once i finally learned what transcendentalism was that it could still have meanings and maybe lessons to learn today. such as taking care of nature and getting rid of the bad things that make things hard. so maybe go vegan, think more positively of others and produce less waste to take care of nature better.Image result for nature

blog 14: end of argument

my opinion about abortion going into the debate was pro choice in certain circumstances with certain laws. but that’s not how it really works these days because you can get an abortion just for an accidental pregnancy, it doesn’t have to be in bad circumstances like a rape case. then when i was researching i found out that New York changed there law for women to be able to get an abortion up to full term and i don’t believe that should be legal at all. 28 weeks is already a lot in my opinion because i learned scientists developed a theory that fetus can feel pain through the spine in only 8 weeks. after that though my full opinion still didn’t change but i was persuaded more and questioned my opinion because the other side is pretty convincing, but then when i was writing it and thinking about pro abortion i realized there were still some points on the opposite side i still agreed with. so my opinion didn’t change i just think there needs to be more stricter laws about abortion. when we actually had to argue to our peer at first i was freaking out because i have really bad debating skills and even though i had a lay out i wasn’t really prepared. it’s hard to think off the spot like that fro a rebuttal because you don’t know what your opponent is going to ask you. it was nice that we just had to write them out however because then we just have to assume some questions your opponent would ask that are common for pro life arguments. then you go to write your rebuttal however and questions and it’s still hard because i was going to take information from my opponent and use it against them so you just kind of have to end up researching more of your opponent’s side. i tried to watch some debates on youtube to help me but they were really long and most of them were from high political stand points like even Donald trump and Hillary Clinton but i noticed their didn’t have a lot of facts it was just what they would change based on how they feel about the matter. because obviously they could if they were president but still they weren’t much help. so i just listened and went on lots of different websites to find different things people com[air abortion too and i found things like slavery compared to abortion and the death penalty to abortion which ended up being very helpful.Image result for debate

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my topic for debate is abortion. i’m on the con side and i’m actually happy i’m on this side because right now i feel like it might be easier to be on that side. i don’t really have an opinion on this topic right now but that’s good because then i won’t be taken over by emotion and just use emotion in my argument. but i think from my family’s perspective including religion and personal opinion i’m probably on the econ side. i already know that this is a very highly debated and controversial topic that has been going through debate for years. it’s been in movies the lives of famous people and you just hear really young people getting abortions. it’s really highly debated because some people think of it as killing an innocent lives. others mostly on the pro size thin of it as the mom wasting her life away and it’s something she should do. also doing the IR i found out that my author alice walker got an abortion herself when she accidentally got pregnant when she was young. it caused her so much pain and she wrote so much about it it really is a hard thing and i wish i knew if she regrets it or if she was eventually happy about it. when i search abortion the first thing that comes up is the definition “Abortion is the ending of pregnancy due to removing an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the uterus” then a lot of websites and pages talking about the pros and cons, whether it’s good to get one, why no one should get one. also i thought it was interesting that when people search abortion the next highly searched thing was adoption, marriage, and discrimination. adoption probably because sometimes people get abortions and then they can’t have kids after, marriage because maybe people think they should just get married instead of having an abortion or it’s hard to get married after an abortion, and discrimination because you’re killing an innocent human. i would probably start with the fact that terminating a pregnancy is voluntarily extinguishing a life which could be brought to legal precedence of murder or even assisted suicide. then i would add in alternative options besides abortion like putting it up for adoption. so more biological, legal, and social facts to help me write it because i’m sure the argument can easily be full emotional. like what would i as a young girl do or you can bring in sexual assault is it only only to get an abortion if it was that since it’s technically not someone’s own fault.Image result for abortion