Blog 17

My first impression of the work was very confused. First off the reading is too complex for my small brain which made the reading very hard and complex to understand. Then after Mr. McGary told me what most of the poem meant it made it very easy to understand and made it seem like a very good poem. We then read the story after we understood it made it very good and was very deep when talking about his life. It had a lot of meaning and made me look more into things. Again the section we were assigned, which was section 3, was very confusing until Mr. McGary explained it. Overall it was pretty good and easy to decipher. It relates to transcendentalism because he talks about taking initiative to do the things he needs to do in this poem. He also talks about bettering himself a lot which also relates to it. The most important line of the poem is the first line, which is, “I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the beginning and the end,”. I feel like this is the most important line because this has the most valuable life lesson in it. In my opinion it means that you have to not only talk the talk but you actually have to prove yourself to people. I am having quite a bit of trouble trying to read this poem, and not just this poem but a lot of the stuff we have been reading in general. I just feel that it is above my level in reading. I am not calling myself dumb it is just very hard to take the words in this passage and being able to let me understand it. Also it makes it very difficult because these poems and writings were written a long time ago so the way of talking is a lot different which also makes it a lot harder to read. Lastly the vocabulary. The vocab in these articles is very hard to understand because they are words I have never seen before so it is very hard to read.

Blog 16

I feel like the best thing a government could do is govern less. I feel that a government should govern less because I feel that the government ruins everything, but that is just a personal opinion. Right now in this day and age I feel that the  government has too much control over the people right now. I just feel like people should be able to do what they want to a limit. I don’t feel that people should be able to kill each other but I do feel that they should be able to most things. The role of the government is to create laws to protect us and make decisions for the better of the state or country. They are there to protect each and every citizen in any given country. I also feel that the government is there to make the decisions for the citizens. I feel that one of the main governments that use respect in their government is a dictatorship. I feel that a dictator ship is a type of government that demands respect because usually in a dictatorship there is one main person in charge. Usually this one person in charge has all the respect from all of their peers and the citizens in which they govern. I feel that civil disobedience is still happening to this day. I feel that this is still plays a role in today’s world because people do not do the things necessary to complete a life and do the duties you need to complete a life. I also feel that a dictatorship can instill fear into someone. I feel this way because a majority of dictators use a fear tactic in most of the people they work with. They also use it for the community so people have respect for them and so that they know that if they do anything to disrespect him that the actions that they did will not be taken lightly. Lastly I feel that most people have so much respect for their dictator because he is ;like a king and has so much popularity

Blog 15

I have several connections through Walden’s work, “Walden Where I Lived , And What I Lived For”. The first thing that I know I can agree with is that life moves too fast. Life for me moves too fast because right now I am a junior in high school and it feels like just yesterday that I started high school. It is kind of sad to think about it, but in a year and a half I am gonna start college then I am going to start the real world. It is a scary idea to think about but you have to stay positive and be ready for any situations. I also relate to him on seeing adventure in life. Now saying that his adventure and my adventure are different, trust me. His idea of adventure is trying new berries and moving his furniture around and cleaning his house. My idea of adventure is letting loose and doing things that I have never done before, like jumping off of mountains and paying in traffic. You may think that I am kidding but this is usually what I do for adventure. Or I like to go mountain climbing or I like to take a bike ride along the beach if things really get adventurous. The author also says that it is important to bring out a mans intellectual potential. I relate to this because people always tell me that I am really smart but I do not put enough effort into my school work and other things. Usually my parents are the ones trying to push me towards better grades and harder work in school, but I usually can not bring myself to do that because I am very lazy during school. The main idea of the article is that you need to appreciate life and not take it for granted. Also that you can not wait to do anything, you need to never hesitate and shoot your shot at all times. What I mean by that is you need to take chances so that at the end of everything you will never have any regrets

Blog 14

I feel like overall my debating skills have increased not a lot but at least a little bit. Before we started I just used to yell at the opposing person and call them names. Now I know the steps I need to have to have a complete debate and actually debate without sounding like a complete retard. I also feel that even small arguments I’m going to take more serious. I feel like I’ll do less name calling and more factual evindence to use in the debates. I also feel like I’ll construct a debate a lot better. Now that I know the steps I need to take to complete a formal debate I will have it all set up and in perfect order with no problem at all. I also feel that I would be a lot more civilized in an argument. I am pretty sure that most people think when I debate with them that I am a less intelligent individual, but I can’t fault them for that. Now if I fire back with some crazy facts and blow them out of the water then they won’t know what to say and I will come out the winner. Now it is time to talk about my peers. I also feel that my peers have benefited greatly from the debate section we did in class. I feel that how all of my close friends and peers are ready to get out in the real world and debate. I also feel that us debating would be a good idea to get us ready for the real world. Sadly we were not able to do our debates in class, I know a real downer right? Even though we weren’t able to do our debates in class I feel that I was prepared for it. I feel that I took the steps needed to win the debate. I would say the hardest part was the rebuddle because I did not really know what my opponent was gonna say so I just guessed on what questions she would ask. My idea on a debate is now good

Debate Topic

My debate for this project was “Pay to Play high school sports”. I’m not really sure how I feel about this topic because I could relate to both sides of the debate. I got the pro for the project. To defend this I could see that you need to pay to play sports. The first reason I could say is that if you are truly dedicated to the sport then you could find a way to get the money. Even if your parents could not afford the scholarship or what ever you want to call it then you should work to get the money whether it be by mowing grass or shoveling snow. If you really wanted to play a sport and truly loved the sport then you could somehow find the money. Also if you don’t agree with the pay to play then you could just transfer schools or not play sports. On the other side it is also very unfair for public high schools. It’s unfair because if you are going to a free school with free tuition then there should be no point in paying for sports. First of all because your parents are still paying taxes for the school and then on top of that they have to pay for sports. That is so ridiculous. But overall about my topic I feel like I am going to beat Macie because I am very loud and out going. People may not think this but the first part in winning an argument is being louder. You may think that is a dumb and stupid idea but you know that I am right. Plus it is all about confidence. If you don’t have confidence then you are not going to succeed in the argument at all. Also when you are very quiet in the argument then you seem shy and defeated. There are a lot of people in our grade who are very quite and scared of conflict which is not a good thing to have going into life. Lastly I am going to win my debate. The End.

Debate Blog

Who is the best basketball player of all time? LeBron or Jordan? First we’re going to talk about Jordan. Many people say that Jordan is the best player of all time. People say this because he has 6 rings. Championships are a big deal in a NBA, but this doesn’t really determine if you are the best player. Championships rely on the team not just one player. Also the game was a lot different back then and there were not the insane athletes there are now in today’s game. People also say that Lebron is the greatest player of all time. I agree with this statement for many reasons. LeBron’s game is so unique and different and is literally unstoppable. I said in a previous statement that championships don’t matter but LeBron carried so many terrible teams to the finals to where Jordan had so many all star teammates and had an insane bench so he didn’t have to put the whole team on his back. Now time to talk about the new year. Some things I want to focus on is to get better at sports and lift more. I want to become stronger and faster for football season. This school year has gone pretty fast but not fast enough. I would like to change the fact that I’m friends with Celia, ugh like I can’t stand her, she’s so annoying. Nah I’m playin. I’d change the fact that I need to study more and focus more on my studies. But I can’t do anything about it now. I would also like to read more going into the new year because I think I’m becoming illiterate. I would also like to win the District championship for Boys Basketball this year. Hopefully we are placed first so we have a lot of momentum going into the playoffs. This year we moved down a division so it is going to be a lot easier to make it to the championship so much easier than the previous years. It would be really good for us because the boys basketball team hasn’t won anything in a while.


Some of these virtues were really easy to follow and some of them were extremely difficult to follow. I’d say the hardest one to follow was “Order”. I’d say it’d be order because I’m not the neatest person in the world so I usually just put stuff wherever which lead to me not being in order. The next virtue is Temperance. Temperance was pretty easy to follow. It was easy to follow because first of I’m not an alcoholic which means I’m not going to delink and secondly when I’m bored I don’t just sit there and eat. Instead I’ll play video games or watch a movie to pass the time. The next is cleanliness. I’d like to say that I’m pretty good at cleanliness, that being if you could be “good” at a virtue. I feel like I’m good at this because everyday I take 2 showers at least and have pretty good hygiene all around. Now we will talk about sincerity. Now My thinking of the definition of Sincerity is to think before you speak. Sometimes I can have trouble doing that. Basically what I mean by that is sometimes I’ll hear someone say something that I don’t like and I’ll really don’t like what they’re saying I will usually just say how I feel with no filter. Now I’m thinking that can be a good and a bad thing. A good thing bc some people need the honest truth and a bad thing bc people get their feeling too hurt nowadays. Next I’ll talk about industry. My definition of this is you should always be employed. Technically I’m employed but it’s not really a serious job. Basically my dad owns houses and me and my brother help out on the weekends and get paid for it. I’d say I don’t have a problem with this because I make enough money to do what I want and enjoy time with my friends. The last virtue I’m going to talk about is Frugality. My definition of frugality is don’t waste time being rude to people. And I followed that I’m some ways but not in others. Sometimes people would be nice to me so I’d be nice back. But if you’re rude I’m gonna be rude back. Those are the only virtues I ran into during the week

Blog 10

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was confused. I was confused because I didn’t really know what the author was talking about and his vocabulary was very precise and I couldn’t really pick up on what it meant so I had to look it up on the internet. Once I found out what all of the words meant it made a little more sense but I still was completely sure about it. I then read the poem again but more slowly and more in depth and started to figure out what the author wanted to say. I feel that the author was trying to describe his own type of eutopia. He talked about police cars sirens never sounding and that type of things. I feel like the theme is “The world could be a better place”. I know that seems like a very bland theme but the author was hinting towards that nearly the whole poem. I’m still confused at the beginning of the poem and the title. At the beginning of the poem it really doesn’t even make sense to me. And none of it relates to the theme that I came up with, which also makes no sense. That’s the most confusing part about it. The second most confusing part is the title. “The Dodos Conundrum”? What does a dodo bird have to do with this poem? It really doesn’t make sense to me but maybe the author has a hidden meaning behind it. I feel that they were easier to answer for the poem “The Dodos Conundrum” because I knew more about the poem and could relate to it more then “Eldarado”. Plus that poem didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me and I really never picked up on the theme or meaning of that poem. I feel like reading these poems could make my poetry writing much better. I feel like it could make it much better because it shows how to realate to something. I feel if now I were to write a poem I would write it about something a lot more meaningful to me.

No MoRe PoEtRy WrItInG

When we first started to learn about poetry I was very disappointed because I am not a very big fan of it. Writing the poems while meeting all of the requirements. It was difficult because in some of the lines you had to have the same amount of syllables. That was really hard because you had to use certain words or change the wording of each stanza so they could match one another. My first poem was honestly garbage. It was really bad because there was no rhythmic pattern and none of the lines matched in the stanzas. It was also really bad because within the stanzas there would be really long line and one really short line so there was no rhythm. I feel that my second one was a lot better because there were a lot more things in the poem that weren’t in the last. I wrote a poem about basketball. I wrote it about basketball because it is basketball season and it would be something easy for me to write about. I also picked basketball because while I was brainstorming I found that it was easier to rhyme with things that involved basketball. To incorporate visual things in my second poem you could do several things. One of the first things you could do is just add a picture after every stanza. Another thing that you could do is to incorporate a video that goes along with the poem. With the video and or the pictures you don’t have to have to put pictures that completely relate to the stanza or line of the poem. You could put stuff that semi relates to the stanza or line, just so the reader can get an idea of the poem. The imagery could also add more meaning to the poem. The images could add meaning to the poem because it shows how the author is trying to explain or have you interpret the poem. The imagery could also add a different meaning. It could be so that the reader could interpret it in his or her own way.

Poetry blog

Poetry to me is a very confusing type of writing. I feel this way because the author (or poet) can write something with a specific meaning, but the reader could interpret the poem completely differently than it was intended to. This can be good or bad because it makes the poem more diverse and open to many more readers. The poem we read in class (Eldarado) was a interesting poem in my opinion. The way I interpreted it was that you have to go through rough times to get to happiness, and the other way I interpreted it was that life is a very sad dark place which leads to death. Those were my thoughts on the poem at first and then we discussed them as a table and we agreed on some parts and disagreed on others but overall we all had the same idea for the theme. I’m writing about friendship in my poem. I know it sounds super cheesy but I really couldn’t think of anything else to write about and that was the first thing that came to mind. And if I can’t figure anything out with that I’m going to change it to a more emotionally dominate poem, like a death or something sad because I feel that it would be very easy to write a poem on that. So far I don’t really have much down and the rhyme pattern is getting very annoying. I don’t really know if I’m doing it right or not but it seems pretty good so far. It’s also very hard to find words that rhyme. I often find myself looking it up on google. Even though I’m not the best poet I feel that in the end my poem is going to be the best in the class.