Blog 17

My first impression of the work was very confused. First off the reading is too complex for my small brain which made the reading very hard and complex to understand. Then after Mr. McGary told me what most of the poem meant it made it very easy to understand and made it seem like a very good poem. We then read the story after we understood it made it very good and was very deep when talking about his life. It had a lot of meaning and made me look more into things. Again the section we were assigned, which was section 3, was very confusing until Mr. McGary explained it. Overall it was pretty good and easy to decipher. It relates to transcendentalism because he talks about taking initiative to do the things he needs to do in this poem. He also talks about bettering himself a lot which also relates to it. The most important line of the poem is the first line, which is, “I have heard what the talkers were talking, the talk of the┬ábeginning and the end,”. I feel like this is the most important line because this has the most valuable life lesson in it. In my opinion it means that you have to not only talk the talk but you actually have to prove yourself to people. I am having quite a bit of trouble trying to read this poem, and not just this poem but a lot of the stuff we have been reading in general. I just feel that it is above my level in reading. I am not calling myself dumb it is just very hard to take the words in this passage and being able to let me understand it. Also it makes it very difficult because these poems and writings were written a long time ago so the way of talking is a lot different which also makes it a lot harder to read. Lastly the vocabulary. The vocab in these articles is very hard to understand because they are words I have never seen before so it is very hard to read.

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