Blog 20

I thought the short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was an okay short story. It was not anything special in my eyes. It could’ve been better, but if it was better then it definitely would have to be different and probably would not have the same meaning or theme.The use of humor was interesting, since I did not find much of it funny. Maybe if someone else read it to me, or described it better then I would think of it more humorously. If I found it funny, then I would think of it more highly. The funnier it is the better I am going to think of it.  The use of satire was noticeable, kind of. I did not know much about satire before the story, so if someone is good with using satire they could slip it past me without even knowing. I don’t have the best knowledge of it so I do not understand it all either. He was making fun of the reader and Simon Wheeler.  The film we watched was kind of interesting. It did a good job at using satire. They satirized parenting, and our dependence on technology. Within the parents, they had 3 different types of parents, which most parents fall into. They each were different, and their reaction with the robot was satirized. The “iMom” video does a great job at using satire, since it satires more then one thing. I do not know anything about the book, if I am being honest. I have heard of it before, and I have heard about people talking about it, but other then that I do not know any information about it. I am sure Mark Twain, as an author, used humor and satire in many ways throughout that book. If it did not, then there would be no point in introducing it to us since that seems to be our new topic of discussion in class. I don’t know what to think of it, other then the humor and satire in it since that is what we are learning about it. Image result for the adventures of huck finn

Blog 19

I have experienced a lot of satire and humor in my life. I am one-hundred percent sure that I have experienced both satire and humor in my past. I am a very humorous person, if I am not being serious then I am more then likely joking around. Humor, to me at least, makes most things better. I would much rather be laughing and joking, instead of being serious all the time. Humor is something that is in my daily life a lot more then I realize. A lot of other people use humor as well. I do not have as much experience with satire because I didn’t really know what it was, like I knew what it was but not like specifically what it was or the definition was. I know now, and looking back I definitely have seen satire/heard satire before, I just didn’t quite realize what it was or anything like that. My favorite kind of humor is physical humor. It is always funny seeing someone else in a bad situation, or in pain. As long as it isn’t me that is getting hurt or whatever. I like improvisational  too, only because of “Whose line is it Anyway”. I think that show is hilarious honestly, and the people in the show made it better. There is a website that chose some of the best moments from that show. Physical humor is quite literally anything physical. Everything from someone making a funny face, to someone falling and landing in a funny way. It is literally anything with physical movements. If you find that someone doing something dumb and getting hurt because of it, then physical humor is for you. I also chose improvisational also, literally only because of that TV show. If that show had not been around, or had I not seen it then I would have just stuck with physical humor. I think it is funny also just because everything is in the moment, every line you say is right off the top of your head, there isn’t much thought going into it before, your just stuck on your toes. If they are good at it then it might be the funniest just because of it being so fast and not thought out. Twain is good at using dialect, he uses it a lot. He also uses humor a lot, uses satire a good bit too. Image result for mark twain

Blog 18

I thought Vertigo was a good movie. It did was it was supposed to do as a psychological thriller. I was actually interested in something in this class for once, so I was focused on the movie and watching. I honestly liked it all but the ending, the ending was controversial but the rest of the movie was good. The movie used a lot of different things to keep my senses alert, and it had me thinking about what was going to happen next. The makers of the movie used different film angles and zooms, different sounds, and different visual clues that made you think. It was confusing to start cause I didn’t know much of the story line within the first 20 minutes but I started to pick everything up later on. Throughout the whole movie I would include more technology if you were to modernize it. More phones and computers to communicate and interact with each other between Scotty, Gavin, Midge, and Judy. The cars and vehicles would obviously be more modernized. I don’t think the location should be the same either, since more people could connect to it if it wasn’t at Skid Row. If it was in suburb or a city it would make more sense nowadays. It would have to be someplace more relatable for people. Younger people, not necessarily teens but maybe like people in their twenties. Midges apartment would look a lot different, so would Judys apartment. They’d probably be doing some type of drug since they’re out in California. Police would probably have some type of presence just knowing how they are these days too. Gavin might possibly go about doing all of this differently if he did it now too. I have no idea what his thought process would be, but there is a lot of ways to go about doing that I feel. Image result for vertigo

Blog 17

My initial reaction to it was “Wow this is long” because it was so many different poems combined. I didn’t understand it fully the first time I read it, so I had to read it a few times to start comprehending it. My comprehension was wrong in comparison to what the author had actually meant by it. We were assigned as a group to work on section 3 of the poem. My initial reaction was was “Of course you gave our group the longest section”. I had to read it a few times to start making an analysis of it. We thought that overall we analyzed it pretty good, until you started to help us with some lines. The analysis we made had made sense so it was supported. Whitman did a good job keeping Transcendentalism as the main theme. He was very devoted to keeping that idea alive and making it a popular belief, and he made several poems and other things to support his idea and to show how to live with it. The most important lines of the poem, in my opinion at least are  “There was never any more inception than there is now, Nor any more youth or age than there is now, And will never be any more perfection than there is now, Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.” I think these are the most important because they show that now is the time to start, there is no better time then now to conform  your life to transcendentalism. We had a problem with a few lines at the end of the poem because those lines are very confusing. Image result for song of myself