Blog 8, Poetry

I am not really a fan of poems at all. There forced on us through schooling even though a majority of us are not going to need to know how to write a poem anymore in our lives. Eldorado was okay cause it was short and easily understandable. Anything longer then I do not really like it, sometimes if I can relate to it or it is about something I like then maybe I would like it but chances are it is a no go. I understood Eldorado since we went over it so extensively and talked about every little thing. I am not looking forward to having poetry involved in this class any longer. My ability to write poems is terrible, anything involving poems I am bad at it. Some poems are good, like songs since some songs rhyme that’s considered poetry right? Maybe I am wrong but I always thought that that was true. I hate poem’s, I honestly do despise them. I am not looking to write another poem too. It is going to be a very bad poem from me, I can rhyme but the writing part I am very bad at. I also think it will not turn out good at all. My first poem might be all over the place, most of the time I will ramble about random stuff. As long as I get something down then I am good. I do not know how people type 350 words about this honestly, like I am trying to talk about this but I can not. I still need 90 words and I feel like I have nothing more to write about. I need the points though so I will find a way. My view is honestly still the same. In the end their confusing more then not. If it is not confusing to me then I might like it, might not. If I had to pick a poem it would definitely be a short poem not a long one. I understand the shorter ones better then the longer ones. I think it is also easier to read the shorter poems too.