The Good? The Bad? The Ugly?

Tuesday started off very rough. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning, luckily I only live a block away from the school. Yes, I was in a rush but it could’ve been worse. Honestly though, the day turned out to be good. I have quite a few friends in all my classes so that’s always good. Tuesday overall was a decent first day of school. The only class that I wasn’t prepared for was baking. When you take baking your supposed to take culinary arts, but take a wild guess on who didn’t take that yet. Was your guess me? If so, your right. Cade and I both decided that it was best to drop that class for another class. Wednesday is honestly a blur, I don’t remember anything about Wednesday other then at lunch my table moved tables. Thursday was the day Cade and I finally got our classes changed, we both took individual sport activities. Other then changing classes nothing really happened Thursday. Friday was kind of bad. I had to get up at 5:30 to drive my mom to work, but luckily I got to use her car the rest of the day. I was tired all day but it’s Friday so it makes up for it. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hyped for the game. It’s nice seeing some of the kids in my grade start and get their varsity time. Bloom didn’t win sadly, but I was still yelling. My boy Brody had his first touchdown catch and Jack had his first touchdown throw, so I think bloom has something to look forward to with them. I don’t have many expectations this year, I’ve heard a lot about junior year so hopefully it goes better then expected. I just want to pass with an A average. I look forward to seeing what this class has to offer since it seems to be the most talked about class that we take. I’m looking forwards to more Friday nights and screaming my lungs out. Lets pray for no surprises this year, no more injuries either.