Blog 9

I still hate poetry. I still suck at writing poems. I would prefer to keep poems away from now on. I cannot write poems to save my life. I try to write one and nothing ever comes of it. Nothing ever makes sense when I try to write one. Everyone else is out here banging out poems like it is nothing and I am over here having such a hard time. I understand poems better then I did before, and when reading them they make more sense then before. Some things I still do not quite understand like the male and female endings, and the hanging foot too. I just can’t remember which are which, I always get them switched up and then I’m wrong. My second poem is for sure better then my first. My first poem I just through together and didn’t really understand compared two my second one. My first one wasn’t really based on anything specific it was just stuff that came into my head and rhymed. My second one was more thought about and it just overall goes better together then the first one did. The second one also has a uniform theme, since it goes along with sports and people I know. I still feel a strong hatred towards writing poems, but I got better writing them since the beginning of the poem. I can add a lot of visualization to my poem. It is pretty easy to visual now, but the presentation you want us doing will be pretty easy. Hopefully. Everything is easily describable with pictures,  and other symbols. Image result for hate

Blog 10

When I first read the poem it did not make much sense to me at all. I had to read it a few times to understand it. I do not think it was a bad poem. It is a good poem, kind of. I liked it better then Eldorado since I did not understand it until we went over it a couple of times. We also talked about it as a group and we all agreed on the same idea of the poem. We also all helped each other if we had any questions about it. The theme of the poem is about a guy wanting his own perfect world, or picturing his own perfect world. I think the questions were easier to answer this time since we filled out this paper before a few times. Certain questions I had no idea at all about, others I actually understood. Some of the questions were confusing but overall I think they were pretty easy. Eldorado was definitely harder when it came to filling this paper out, but I also didn’t understand as much at the time. I understood this poem a lot better then the other poem.  I had to reread this poem a few times to help answer some of the questions that I didn’t understand. I do not really remember much of Eldorado if I am being honest. Writing poems kind of helped me understand the poem better since I had more of a background on them more. I can connect to the author and then I can analyze it since I have written poems before. The thought about poems is already in my head. Poems need to leave, they are so boring. There are annoying too.

Blog 8, Poetry

I am not really a fan of poems at all. There forced on us through schooling even though a majority of us are not going to need to know how to write a poem anymore in our lives. Eldorado was okay cause it was short and easily understandable. Anything longer then I do not really like it, sometimes if I can relate to it or it is about something I like then maybe I would like it but chances are it is a no go. I understood Eldorado since we went over it so extensively and talked about every little thing. I am not looking forward to having poetry involved in this class any longer. My ability to write poems is terrible, anything involving poems I am bad at it. Some poems are good, like songs since some songs rhyme that’s considered poetry right? Maybe I am wrong but I always thought that that was true. I hate poem’s, I honestly do despise them. I am not looking to write another poem too. It is going to be a very bad poem from me, I can rhyme but the writing part I am very bad at. I also think it will not turn out good at all. My first poem might be all over the place, most of the time I will ramble about random stuff. As long as I get something down then I am good. I do not know how people type 350 words about this honestly, like I am trying to talk about this but I can not. I still need 90 words and I feel like I have nothing more to write about. I need the points though so I will find a way. My view is honestly still the same. In the end their confusing more then not. If it is not confusing to me then I might like it, might not. If I had to pick a poem it would definitely be a short poem not a long one. I understand the shorter ones better then the longer ones. I think it is also easier to read the shorter poems too. 

Blog 5

My idea kind of completely came out of nowhere. I was pretty indecisive when it came to which 6 words I would choose but I was thinking of what I could write about easily and that is why I chose “music came from the abandoned house.” My story is about a kid named Johnny who is committed to Oregon University for football. Being a D1 bound athlete, he is one of the most popular kids in school. Everyone wants to hangout with him and he gets invited to all the parties and other things throughout high school. Johnny is a smart kid, Honor roll student, and a good football player. His family is your average family, church on Sunday, other normal family stuff. His parents don’t mind that he parties, as long as he is being smart and safe. His best friend, Dylan, is someone who likes to party. A lot. Maybe too much honestly. Dylan will party anywhere, anytime, with anyone. He has this “great” idea that he proposes to Johnny. The idea is, since there is an abandoned house across town. Everyone knows about it, since the story is that a murderer from the 1800s lives there. Every time someone moved there, they’d move from that house within weeks. Anyway, Dylan wants to party there. He thinks that it will be a good idea for some unknown reason. Johnny has to think about going or not, knowing that there’s a chance it gets busted and he looses all his big name college offers. He decides to go and he will lives with the consequences of going. So day comes of the party and a good amount of people are there. He doesn’t do much there, he has fun but stays low in case anything suspicious happens and people get questioned or worse: cops show up. Night goes on and cops get called because people heard music coming from the house. Johnny, being athletic and such, runs away. He has to run across town to get home. He somehow makes it home unscathed and ends up being one of the best football players Oregon has ever had. 

Blog 4

I am reading “Becoming Kareem”. So far I’ve liked this book because I like basketball and I also like Kareem Abdul Jabbar as a basketball player too. Growing in the time period he grew up in was hard for him. Racism and religious tension tore his young years apart. It must have been hard since obviously he was African American and was just trying to play basketball. Religious tension, as I said, tore his life apart. College life was rough because of that, and the racist comments were always around since he was such a big name and he went to a big name college (UCLA). After Kareem won his first NBA championship, he changed his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. In Muslim this translates to generous/noble servant of the mighty/stern one (meaning god). I am not really a religious person and I didn’t live through harsh racism so I don’t really connect with him like that. In general I think this story is good so far, I have already read books about Kareem before so this book doesn’t tell me much that I don’t know but none the less its still a good book. Its overdue too so thats not good. I broke my foot like 2 weeks ago and it is by far the worst thing to ever do. I am always on my feet so having crutches and one good foot is terrible. I had a good plan too, at least I did before I broke it. I was going to work at the fair and make some money and then go get a job somewhere. Instead I am out 4 1/2 more weeks. Started out as 6 weeks, and if I need a pin in my foot then I’m out another 6 weeks. to make it 12 total weeks. If that happens then I’m out basketball season and that’s not good. I missed a few days because of it and I let myself get behind on some work which is bad, but I will get it done soon. Need it done to pass, cant be ineligible or my mom will be pissed off at me. 

Week 3 Blog

I kind of liked The Devil and Tom Walker. It was an interesting story. It made me think a lot more then most other books. It was kind of weird, with the way he presents the setting and uses it throughout the story. I do not normally read this type of book, I am more of a sports type of book. It opened up new thoughts in my head, and I questioned things a lot more in this short story. I never really ask questions cause sports books are pretty easy to understand, whereas this book had a lot more thought behind it. A lot of things are symbolized, which I do not really think about at all until later then I finally realize that things mean more then just what they are. Sometimes it confuses me cause I don’t think about all of that stuff when I read. I feel like I enjoy books the less I think about it. I have never read a book like this, nothing really comparative to it at all. I feel like if I read more books like this I would have enjoyed this book more, since I would be thinking about that stuff already and more easily understand it. I am not the smartest when it comes to books, the simpler they are, the better. I think Irving wrote the story to prove that being greedy is not good. Be happy with what you have, cause you have more then others. If I had to change things in the story to “modernize” it I would only change the setting to make it more connectable for readers now. If you can connect to the book I feel like you would enjoy the book more then you would if you did not connect to it at all. If we read more books like this I would more easily do the work and question things less. I’d understand everything more since everything would make sense. This story was good, it made me think more, got some gears moving in my head, I should probably read more. Image result for the devil

Week 2 Blog

My view on stories has not changed honestly. Just because we covered notes in class does not mean anything. It is just a lot more to think about while I read or go back and think about a story. I do not really like thinking when it comes to reading, I tend to overthink things. I knew about a lot of the notes before this class so it was not new to me at all. I’m not surprised we went over it, it was a different way then I first learned so it was interesting. The easiest term/terms to fill into a story is Aristotle’s Poetics because it is the things we know best. It is also easy to figure out. Where the story is is normally told, the characters are always described, and you can normally find out when a story takes place with a little insight. It might help me understand the story more cause then I know more about it and can possibly understand it more. I normally only read books I like so you can consider me an “active reader” during those stories. If I do not like the story then I am just an observer. Sometimes I just like being an observer when I read, let my brain just absorb whatever it want’s to. I’d rather watch the movie instead of read the book, since it gives me something to look at instead of visualizing something from a book, but I normally fall asleep during movies whereas books I do not. I tend to not read a lot either, I watch a ton more of movies then read books. I understand stuff better if I see it in front of me instead of imagining it. Week 2 was interesting, I finally started to remember my schedule. Teachers started giving out more homework, along with more classwork also. Like always I was screaming my head off Friday night. Bloom won, not that there was going to be a different outcome. Bloom plays forever away this week so I am going to go to Centrals game and talk mad trash. 

The Good? The Bad? The Ugly?

Tuesday started off very rough. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning, luckily I only live a block away from the school. Yes, I was in a rush but it could’ve been worse. Honestly though, the day turned out to be good. I have quite a few friends in all my classes so that’s always good. Tuesday overall was a decent first day of school. The only class that I wasn’t prepared for was baking. When you take baking your supposed to take culinary arts, but take a wild guess on who didn’t take that yet. Was your guess me? If so, your right. Cade and I both decided that it was best to drop that class for another class. Wednesday is honestly a blur, I don’t remember anything about Wednesday other then at lunch my table moved tables. Thursday was the day Cade and I finally got our classes changed, we both took individual sport activities. Other then changing classes nothing really happened Thursday. Friday was kind of bad. I had to get up at 5:30 to drive my mom to work, but luckily I got to use her car the rest of the day. I was tired all day but it’s Friday so it makes up for it. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hyped for the game. It’s nice seeing some of the kids in my grade start and get their varsity time. Bloom didn’t win sadly, but I was still yelling. My boy Brody had his first touchdown catch and Jack had his first touchdown throw, so I think bloom has something to look forward to with them. I don’t have many expectations this year, I’ve heard a lot about junior year so hopefully it goes better then expected. I just want to pass with an A average. I look forward to seeing what this class has to offer since it seems to be the most talked about class that we take. I’m looking forwards to more Friday nights and screaming my lungs out. Lets pray for no surprises this year, no more injuries either.