Blog 8: No More Poetry (writing)

My perception of poetry has not changed and we started to unit of poetry writing poetry has not affected how I look at poetry or read it or how I analyze it or tell about it or do anything with it. The way I approach poetry is the same as before I just keep reading it and try to understand what it’s about and analyze it but sometimes it’s hard. I didn’t really have a thought process about what I want my poems to be that I wrote I just kind of picked something random like it’s poetry so why not write about poetry it was just about different kinds of poetry and how some poems can be emotional and they can be long or short and have a meaning or not have a meaning. using pictures and videos to present your poem and show people your poem will help them understand it and get a better meaning about it and with the theme of it instead of just writing on a piece of paper and having them read it they won’t understand as much as if there’s pictures and videos and if you explained it more when you present it and talk about it.

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