Blog 1: First Week

The first week of school was very interesting a lot of things happened like you got to see your new teachers and meet them and if there was like new people you got to make new friends and you didn’t really do anything for the first couple days it was all fun and stuff like meeting new people are mean your new teachers put toward the end of the week it wasn’t so much more fun because then you started like doing stuff in classes and it wasn’t just going to stay where you don’t do anything. call the new freshman in the school didn’t know where things were like where their classes were or where to go for lunch and where their study halls weren’t swept and it was fun and like nice to finally like help someone and if like they didn’t know what they were doing you were there for them and show them where to go when they didn’t know where to go end it was different being an upperclassman and having responsibility of doing that with all the new kids in the school. but it wasn’t very fun having to wake up really early in the morning to get on the bus when you live like an hour away from school and your bus ride is so long that’s the part I don’t like about school because if you have homework and stuff if you stay up late doing it and then you have to get up really early to get on the bus that’s not fun. School isn’t my favorite thing ever but I can’t really say like I hate it and stuff because everyone has to go through school and you have to go and pass classes so it’s not like everything revolves around you like everyone has to be doing this. It’s part of life.

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