Blog 5: Short Story Writing

My story starts with an abandoned house that a family has died in and everyone now thinks it’s haunted and one day a group of friends goes into it to explore and see how dangerous, scary, and haunted it actually is. While they were in the house they come across some problems that could lead to life or death. They end up getting trapped in the house from some mysterious thing they don’t know what it was that trapped them. Henry’s parents didn’t know him and his friends were going to the house they just thought they were going to the park to play basketball and when he never came home at night time they decided to contact the police and they had to go searching for the kids the next day. When the police arrived at the abandoned house they heard someone talking and some screams but they couldn’t find where the voices or screams were coming from they searched the entire house and still had no idea what has happened to the kids. They found out the ghost in the haunted house had somehow trapped the kids in a secret room there was in the house because of what they had done. The police and law enforcement had no clue how to get into this secret room there was and all the people who knew how to get into it had died already and weren’t alive anymore. Eventually the kids found a way to get out of the room but they didn’t see any police or anything outside or around the house anywhere… My idea came from just wanting to write a scary story and an abandoned house seems like the perfect setting to have it in. The activities we’ve been doing is changing how i want the story to exactly go and what problems they come across.

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