I’m not really sure how exactly I feel about Vertigo yet. When I learned that we were going to be watching Vertigo, I thought that it would be pretty interesting. The plot summary sounded not too boring and I didn’t think I would have a horrible time watching it, but honestly it isn’t as good as I thought it would be.¬† It really did sound like a good film, and it was on the top ten best films of all time and everything, so I had high hopes for it, but I’m not really loving watching it. Watching it is mostly just stressful because I’m worried I’m going to miss something important. It’s also kind of hard to understand what everyone is saying sometimes, which just makes watching and trying to take notes even more stressful. My initial thoughts are that it’s pretty slow. Most of what we watched on the first day was kind of just boring exposition. It was also a little hard to follow at first, especially because everyone has like five names to keep track of. It didn’t started picking up for me until more than halfway through the second class period that we started watching. Towards the end of what we’ve watched so far it started to get interesting, but it took too long to actually get into the story. Other than the fact that I can’t understand what everyone is saying a good chunk of the time and that it took like forty five minutes to actually become interesting, I don’t completely hate the movie. I liked the scene where Madeline was sitting in front of the painting and she had the same flowers and the same hair as the girl in the painting. If I changed the movie for a modern audience I would definitely make the beginning more interesting and less confusing. I wouldn’t have Johnny or John or Scottie have three different names, or I would at least introduce the fact that people call him different names more clearly. Other than making the beginning being kind of slow, I think that the rest of it will get better.

Dizzy Spell? It Could Be Vertigo

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