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Debate Topic

I hate debating. Every time we have had debates in the past, it always just turns into the same three or four people yelling at each other from across the room. Obviously since this will be just two people going against each other and not half the class debating against the other half, that won’t be a problem, but I still was not excited at all when I learned that we were going to debate. Hopefully it won’t be too bad because there will be a lot of structure and formality to the debate. My topic for the debate is gun control, and I got the pro side for it. This is also the side I personally believe in. I am happy I got this side because it will be nice to not have to debate for something I don’t agree with. Honestly, Jamie was the one person in the class I didn’t want to debate against, and I still managed to pick the same topic as her. It’s better than having to go against Mcgarry, but I still didn’t want to go against her because she’s on the forensics team and actually knows how to debate.

Prior to research, most of my knowledge about gun control comes from just hearing people talk about it. Usually after a big shooting we talk about it in our history class, and sometimes the topic of what to do about gun control comes up. The main idea of the argument for gun control is that it will be harder for people to access guns, which means it will be harder for someone that wants to use a gun for criminal purposes to find one. If it is harder for these people to access a gun, then less people will die in shootings. Some basic research shows many arguments to use in a logical approach, such as statistics on how many injuries and deaths are caused by guns and how other countries have created stricter gun control laws. An ethical appeal would be the moral obligation to protect lives, and an emotional appeal would be the fear of being killed by a gun.

Gun and Constitution

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One issue for the subject of a debate is whether or not the electoral college should be used to determine the President of the United States. One side of the debate is that we should keep the electoral college. This side argues that the founding fathers thought that it was the best method. The founding fathers thought that using the electoral college would safeguard against uninformed people making poor decisions, and having the electoral college made sure that the people who would be most likely to have the most information about the best choice would be voting. This side also argues that it ensures that all parts of the country are involved because the candidate can’t only focus on heavily populated areas, so small rural areas are also taken into account, and it ensures certainty of the election results. A candidate can get the highest number of popular votes without actually getting a majority of over 50%, but the electoral college gives a more certain outcome. On the other side of the debate, the electoral college should not be kept in place because the original reason the founding fathers created it is no longer relevant, it gives too much power to “swing states” that are not guaranteed to vote one way or the other, and it does not always directly reflect what the people want. The founding fathers created the electoral college because the masses wouldn’t have the necessary information to vote, but because of technology today, this is no longer a relevant concern. Candidates can focus mostly on swing states because they can guarantee that they will win some states, such as democrats being almost guaranteed to win California. Finally, a candidate can win the electoral college without winning the popular vote, which means a candidate can win the election without having the most support from the most people. I am against the electoral college. It is outdated and doesn’t always accurately reflect what the people want.

My school year has gone pretty well so far. I pretty much like all of my classes, and I’m doing well in them. The one thing I would change is I need to stop procrastinating. I really just need to stop putting things off and stop being lazy. With drama practice starting I’m going to have to start doing my homework earlier anyway because I won’t have as much time to put it off. I need to stop wasting time in study hall too because I never end up getting anything done in study hall because I end up talking to people or just sitting there not doing anything. I really just need to stop being lazy and just do stuff earlier.

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