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I like to think that I’m generally a pretty good person, but following a list of virtues can be a little rough. At the beginning of this experiment, I figured I would have a problem with at least a few of the virtues, and it went pretty much as I expected.  One of the virtues I have a lot of trouble with is order. I can be a very messy person. I tend to just throw things down onto a pile to deal with later, and that pile grows very quickly. I did clean my room this weekend though, so there’s a little improvement. I also have trouble with industry. I’m usually very busy, so when I do have some free time I either sleep or just go on my phone. I have a bad habit of taking three hour naps when I can, and then I have to finish my homework at ten o’clock at night. If I ever have any free time I basically just waste it because I rationalize that I’m just relaxing in the little down time I have. I am also very bad with resolution. I procrastinate so much on everything. Then there are the virtues I’m alright with, but could still use some work, like tranquility. Usually I’m pretty calm, but sometimes I can get very worked up. Similarly, I do alright with moderation, but sometimes I can overreact a lot. I like to think that I do alright with justice, but I know that sometimes I can get a little critical of other people. Along the same lines, I try to be sincere, but I know I mess up sometimes. I try to do alright with humility and docility, and I do most of the time, but I can get a little full of myself other times. Although I had some problem virtues, I did very well with some other virtues. I did well following frugality, silence, cleanliness, and chastity. I absolutely hate being wasteful, I don’t really like talking, and I tend to be a little bit of a germaphobe. Loyalty is another virtue that is very important to me. I will do a lot for the people that I care about. If you’re wiling to stand by me, I’ll do the same. On the other hand, if you do something to hurt me or the people I care about, I won’t really ever trust you or think as highly of you ever again. Finally, I do pretty well with excellence because I worry too much about getting good grades to not do well with it in school. Out of school, I can struggle with this though because I am very lazy. Overall the experiment went pretty well. I know what virtues I have to work on a lot more, but to be honest I probably won’t really think too hard about it again.

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Poetry Part 3

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was that it made no sense at all. The first time I read through it I was very confused. I had absolutely no idea what it was even saying. It took until about the third time reading through to even get a tiny idea of what it was talking about. Then after reading it a few times I understood what the words were saying, but I had no idea what it actually meant. It only started actually making sense after looking a few things up like what a microcosm is and what the Dodo’s conundrum is. After reading it once or twice I realized I had no idea what a microcosm is, so I looked it up and learned that it was a miniature world. The lines about miniature trains and people and everything made a lot more sense after that. Then I looked up the title and learned that the Dodo’s conundrum is about how a Dodo has wings but can’t fly, and that made me think that in the poem everything that you would think you need to do something is there, but you can’t actually do it. In the poem, there is this miniature world where you would think you have everything you need, but in reality it doesn’t work like that. The speaker creates this miniature model world that is perfect to escape from the real world, but it isn’t fulfilling because it doesn’t have the bad things that make it real. The Sound and Sense questions were a lot easier to answer for “The Dodo’s Conundrum” than they were for “Eldorado.” Writing poems definitely helped with that. It made me think about how to show ideas ideas in poems which helped me identify those ideas in other poems. The one thing I definitely wouldn’t have gotten without writing a poem was how in “The Dodo’s Conundrum” the stanzas going back and forth between ballad and free verse conveyed the idea of structure in the miniature world and disorder in the real world. I would have seen that the stanzas were in different forms, but I never would have guessed why. Writing the poems helped a lot with analyzing.

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