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Poetry Part 2

As I shamefully admitted in my last blog, I didn’t hate poetry going into this unit, and I still don’t hate it. I actually really like trying to fit lines into either iambic or trochaic form. It’s kind of fun. Having to write a poem with requirements made me start to see that there is really a lot that has to go into writing a poem, but writing poems with the requirements really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the hard part was figuring out what to write about, but after I got an idea I didn’t hate actually writing it. I couldn’t really think of an idea for my first poem for a while, and I ended up sort of forcing something together, so it was harder to write, but for my second poem I had a better idea of what I was going to write about so it was a lot easier. Mostly what changed between my first and second poem was that I had a better idea for what the poem would be about. The idea for my second poem actually started out as a joke. In math class I jokingly said I was going to write a love poem to math, and I thought it would be funny to make someone that hates math read that and grade it, but then it ended up turning out alright, and it had all the requirements, so I turned it in. Honestly I don’t really like the idea of adding a visual element to a poem. The video we watched in class ended up being really creepy and I did not like it at all. I think that the poem should do its job of describing something well enough that it doesn’t need a visual, but if I had to add a visual to my poem, I would probably add some angel wings in the beginning because it’s supposed to be like the thing I’m speaking to is some heavenly, amazing thing. Then I would add a dove flying past a bright sun with the light shining behind it to show the peace and beauty that I talk about in the third and fourth stanzas. And then I would end it with some math equations floating around hearts.

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It’s time for a confession. I actually don’t hate poetry that much. I like the flow of the rhythm patterns, and I always think it’s really cool when an author comes up with a rhyme that sounds really clever. When we were looking for a poem we liked and a poem we disliked, I found one really cute poem, and I found one where I don’t even know what was happening. The first poem was “The Mouse’s Tale” By Lewis Carroll. I thought it was a cute little poem, and I liked that it was a pun on a mouse’s “tale” because it was in the shape of a tail. I also liked the bouncy feel it had, and the rhyme pattern made it sound very cute. At first I just thought it was a cute little poem so I wrote it down for the poem that I liked, but then when we had to analyze it, it actually had a deeper meaning, and I thought it was really cool how that was woven in there. For the poem I disliked, I picked “Shame” by Richard Wilbur. Basically when I was flipping through the poem books I found this one, and it just made no sense at first. I also don’t like free verse as much, so I put it down for my dislike poem. I didn’t totally hate Eldorado either. I liked when we analyzed it in the context of Poe’s life and the California gold rush that was happening at the time. I thought that the two different interpretations were really interesting. It took me a while to think of an idea for a poem, but eventually I settled on something with fire. Eventually that turned into describing the different ways fire can be used. Fire can either be helpful, like when it is used to keep us warm, or it can be destructive. Then I had the idea to relate fire to people. People can be good or bad just like fire. I actually don’t hate writing poems either. It’s kind of fun finding a sentence that fits the pattern, but shhhhh no poems are bad. Just terrible. Clearly.

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