First Quarter Book #2.

I really loved the second book I picked for the first quarter, Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. This time, instead of just trying to find a book randomly looking through the library, I used the What Should I Read Next feature on the library website, which was a really good choice. I’m going to start off with saying I know this is just young adult trash but I don’t care. I’m trash too and I liked it. The book was pretty much what I expected, so my thoughts on it didn’t change too much throughout. The first thing I liked about it was the main character, Meira. I really liked her, and she was much more realistic than the main character in the first book I read. She is honestly just like all the other main characters in the books I like but I still really liked the book. Almost all of the main characters in the books I read can be summed up by a teenage girl that wants to prove herself and make her own destiny, and she ignores what people tell her to do because she just does what she thinks is right, but hey if it works it works. Meira fits this character type exactly. She wants to prove that she can help her kingdom, but she wants to do it in her own way and still stay true to herself. The books starts off with her trying to prove that she is capable of going on missions to help her kingdom and showing her desire to matter. Then she has a chance to get help from a neighboring kingdom by marrying the prince, which would form an alliance between the kingdoms, but she doesn’t want to because that isn’t how she wants to be useful, she wants to fight and be a soldier, not just be someone that is married off. She also doesn’t really follow orders really well. On the first mission she goes on, which is to retrieve half of a locket they need to restore magic to their kingdom and save it, she was supposed to go back to camp if something went wrong. Something does go wrong and guess what she doesn’t do. Instead of going back like she’s supposed to, she goes after the locket half, and does manage to get it after they have been trying for sixteen years to find and get it. At this point I’m thinking that this book is so much better than my first one and I’m very glad I decided to read it. Like my first book, this one also had a twist at the end, but unlike my first book, this twist didn’t come out of nowhere, so it actually made sense. One of the first problems in the book is that the only surviving heir of the destroyed kingdom is male, so he can’t use the magic in the locket they were trying to get because only female heirs can access the magic. The first scene in the book introduces this problem, and my first thought was that it would be much more convenient if Meira was the heir, since she’s female and could use the magic. Then the antagonist, who can use a different, more powerful kind of black magic, tells her that she has magic somewhere with her, but she assumes it’s in a stone that her friend had given her. Now I’m wondering if she could be the child of the queen, not the boy that everyone was told is the heir. Then we find out that Meria actually is the daughter of the queen, and that magic can be contained in a person, not just an object. I do think that other people should read this book. Even though it’s more fantasy, the characters are much more realistic than in my first book. I empathized with the main character so much that I cried when her father figure died, and I would recommend most books that can make me cry.


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