First Quarter Book #1

The first book I chose to read this quarter was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I wanted to read the book after seeing the movie trailer because I thought it would be good. It wasn’t and I hated it. I didn’t like the writing style at all. For the first probably third of the book, each of the chapters are about a page long. That could have been alright if it was done more sparingly, but it ended up being annoying. I also don’t like how the author introduced everything. It starts off with introducing the reader to the main character, Maddy, but the author does it in a weird way. Instead of having a normal scene where you kind of get information while seeing something play out, it’s more like little snippets of information while Maddy just describes herself and her situation. I really did not like the exposition. Then I just thought the book was unrealistic. Maddy falls in love with the new guy next door, Olly, which just seemed so fake. They had only seen each other through a window and texted for a few weeks and she’s about to die for him. That’s not even an exaggeration. She has an illness that means she pretty much can’t leave her room because she’s allergic to just about everything, and she sees Olly and his dad fight and Olly gets hurt, and she just runs outside like she hasn’t been told her whole life that she can’t do that or she’ll die. Maddy just ends up being really reckless and I don’t like it. I don’t really like Maddy in general. Not only is she reckless, but then she starts ignoring her mom because she wants to hang out with Olly, which made me mad. Her mom gave up her whole life to take care of her, and she can’t even watch a movie with her mom. Then, to add to the recklessness, when her mom fired her favorite nurse, who let Olly visit her and was basically her best friend, Maddy starts to feel like she’s not actually living and runs away. To be fair, she really isn’t living a good life, but still, you can’t just run away like that. She goes to Olly’s house and gets him to go to Hawaii with her, which is just really stupid. She’s basically never been outside before and she just goes to Hawaii just like that. She’s barely afraid of being outside, which is just unrealistic. If you had only talked to a few people in your life and had never left your room, at least that you can remember, you probably wouldn’t be able to really function as a human outside with other people. Even if she did manage to get social skills only ever talking to a handful of people, she wouldn’t know how things work really. I would be afraid going to an airport by myself after being in airports a bunch of times, and she just waltzes right onto a plane like it’s no big deal. I just think that the whole book is really unrealistic. Then the ending of the book had the most ridiculous plot twist ever. It turned out that her mom made up her illness so that she could keep Maddy locked in her room so that she wouldn’t ever get hurt. It really just seemed like the author just threw her mom having a mental illness in there to resolve it, and it just came out of nowhere. I would not recommend this book to anyone else. It feels rushed and unrealistic, and it was not very well written.

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