Blog 22: Rosebud

My reaction to this film was I thought it was okay. it was better than some of the other things we have read or watched this year but it wasn’t anything special. I wish it was in color because it would be more appealing to modern day. The movie itself with the filming, acting, and script wasn’t bad at all. I thought the acting helped show the characters feelings very well along with the background music. the filming was very good especially for being for back then. They both helped get the message across throughout the film. For example the angles they used to show theme and illusion was very good like what they angled the camera view up to Kane to show him bigger almost showing him more dominate. As for the film portraying the “American Dream”. I thought it showed it very well. It showed him being given up by his parents with the hope to have a better and more successful life. he worked throughout his life, made money, went through different marriages, and taken care of by a stranger. Even though he reached their goal of being rich and successful, he still was alone and may not have been happy having to grow up without his parents and given up.  Charles is not happy with it because the reason for his money is not a happy one. His parents sent him away to live with a banker and lied about it. The money he was living with was an inheritance from his terrible parents on his 25th birthday, and that probably hurt him. Kane wasn’t used to having a lot of money like he ended up with either. Kane also didn’t have the best experience with relationships either with his wives, for example he wrote a bad review on his wives singing after he helped her get to the opera house. Kane was upset throughout his life and i think it was all because of his childhood. This film gives you an idea of how even though you may have all the money in the world that doesn’t mean you are happy.

Blog 21


So I should get a 100% on this since I turned it in on time but on the classroom because my blog cite wasn’t working and I told you that and you said it was okay 🙂

Considering i thought we were done with poetry and I hate poetry, analyzing it, and writing blogs about it, I didn’t enjoy these poems. The theme within these three works i feel is all about society. he is connecting everything back to society and relating it to society in a way. the works develop theme through a build up. they all start off simple and build up into complex and detailed work. in the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock i feel like the theme was him wanting to talk to a girl not not feeling confident enough to do so and not thinking he was good enough for her. he was scared and it is actually relatable. the next poem was “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” by Wallace Stephens. i felt the theme of this was having to do with being perfect. I feel like it’s about society having to be perfect or having to follow the rules and not be different. the reason I think this is when it talks about people wearing white basic clothes to bed and not colored gowns. Just like in today’s society we are always comparing ourselves to the “perfect” body, person, or way to act. Especially in girls we see someone that we think is perfect and try to be exactly like them. he last work was “anyone lived in a pretty home town” by e. e. cummings. this one was the most confusing one because the way it was worded and having to read it so fast. i have the least understanding of this poem but if i had to try my best on what the theme is i would guess it’s about society eventually dying and pretty much just the path of society and our lives. i liked the first work the most because i feel it is the most modern and relatable one and the easiest to understand.