blog 20:

My initial thoughts on “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”  was that it was a pretty normal short story with a few weird words. It was written expertly on Twain’s part. The way that Tawin managed to write how the characters would “speak” is amazing. From what I have heard, he was the first to have done so. I actually read the short story in the accents of the characters. I didn’t get who the main subject of satire was until we went over it in class, but afterwards I was surprised to say the least. There was as much humor as their was satire. In the beginning, the satire was obviously aimed at Simon Wheeler. As the story progressed, I didn’t notice that Simon was simply wasting the narrator’s time. The point got across to me very clearly after that.

My anticipatory thoughts on Huck Finn is that the little robber group is going to break up, and Huck is gonna try and set them to life style that the Widow is trying to set him to. That is going to backfire on him and they’ll turn their backs on him. That’s how I think things are going to play out. I know that the they just made the rules for the group and the consequences. I think that Huck is going to fool them into being good by making them think that they are “robbing” people. I know that someone is going to get fooled.

I thought the short film iMom was funny and horrific in a way. I knew something bad was going to happen near the end of it when the lights went out.   Bad mothers and mothers who look for a easy way out were being satirized. The way that the kid and the iMom got closer was creepy to say the least. The presentation certainly exceeded my expectations and the commentary was normal until the close to end when it looked like some underage stuff was about to go down.

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