Blog 18: Vertigo review

i thought vertigo was actually interesting especially for a older film. the idea behind it and they way they tried to put mind tricks and symbolize things without having the technology of today. the anticipation and build up was good and had me at the edge of my seat a lot of the times but i was mad that the ending wasn’t good enough for how much of a thriller it was. at first when I was told it was suppose to show vertigo I was expecting to get dizzy and stuff but i am disappointed that I didn’t because that is what i was looking forward to the most. I did like the plot twists and and surprises that came along with the movie that kept me interested. what I would change for a more modern audience is obviously special effects like when it was showing him having a mental breakdown to get a more interesting effect. the ending would also be changed to actually have a good ending and not make the audience disappointed and angry. overall i actually enjoyed the film.

Blog 17: Song of myself

when I first started reading this work my initial reaction was I had no idea what was going on just like all of the other work we go over in this class. But once we go over it in class together and talk about it, it helps a lot. Even though we do go over it and i get a better understanding I still don’t like to analyze it because I am not good about figuring what each line means. The section my group was assigned wasn’t as mad as I thought it was going to be. It talked a lot about him working on himself and instead of talking about changing to actually change. this section was good because it is relatable and a common thing that happens among people. Whitman talks a lot about transcendentalism in this poem so it’s not as hard to find it because he mostly talks about goad and nature. One way he uses this is how he compares grass to society. He also talks about society by saying how people should embrace himself and the world as much as he does to be happy. One of the lines I feel is important is from section 6, “And to die is different from what anyone supposed, and luckier”. He means by this line that people should not fear dieing but to celebrate life. the difficulty I have with this work is the same difficulty I have with all the work we do with poems. It is difficult for me to analyze and understanding what it means, but the more we do the better I think ill do.