Blog 14: End of Argument

when it comes to argument everyone want s to be right. nobody wants to be wrong of course. if your anything like me I sadly am a sore loser and always want the last word. But the one type of person that I can’t stand are people that always have to be right. Like there is a difference between people that want to be right and that HAVE to be right. When a argument occurs it is usually because people disagree about something. When I find myself arguing with someone I usually end up getting so annoyed that I give up even if I am right because i just want it to end. But other times they know i’m right and give up. I am not a very good arguer if i would admit it. I usually loose because I just sound stupid and don’t have any facts to back up what i’m talking about. there are some rare occasions that I win only because they don’t care enough to keep going and it’s over something stupid like what a bird is. After learning techniques and ways to win a argument I still am not good at it but it has helped me in way. I can see different sides of arguments I couldn’t before. I still have trouble with writing persuasive things but I have definitely improved since the beginning of the year. 

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