Con: Modify School Day

The topic I got for the debate is the con side to modifying school days. I don’t really know much about this topic so I am going to have to do a lot of research. Other than it sounding pretty self explanatory, I do not know if they mean instead of 8ish hours of school they want 6 or 4 days a week instead of 5. My assigned position for this topic is the con side. So I am supposed to argue that it is wrong to shorten the school day. I can not really say if this is my personal opinion for the topic yet because I have not done research for it in order to state my opinion.  Without information and research I do think I will be agreeing that We should NOT modify school days. I think school days are fine right not. If I would have to change anything it may be the start time. A benefit I could think of may be that we could have more free time to do things and school work could be flexible. when I search this topic into google I get many debate sites talking about the pros and cons for the topic. These sites will be very helpful to use for my debate. I am not very good at debating even on a regular bases so I am interested in seeing how I do for a researched topic. I am planning on having as much information as possible in order to win. My logical approach will be to look at the other side and be prepared for what they may come at me with so that I can attack there argument quickly. I can use how education is very important and if we shorten it then kids can’t learn as much as they would be able to. The emotion part for this topic can be how kids that don’t get education would be lucky and grateful for what we have. Also, what may happen if we don’t learn as much. 

Blog 12: Changes

Part 1: A current issue that I feel is interesting to me is the talk about if marijuana will be legalized in Pennsylvania or not. The mayor recently said how they are looking into the benefits of legalizing this drug. Some people feel that this drug would cause lots of problems and  is worse than alcohol. The people that are for the legalization feel that if the drug can be used for a medication then there is no harm in using it for recreational use. I am on this side 100% because if alcohol can be legalized then there is no reason for marijuana not to be. for example alcohol is SO much worse than weed. It causes to many health problems like liver failure and so many more. when weed does barley anything to you, like I said it is being used as a medication. I am completely for the legalization of marijuana.

Part 2: Now that it is 2019 it still feels like just another day. just another school day, practice, and same old self. but if I had to reflect on how my school year has gone so far I would say it’s been pretty okay. Nothing bad has happened that I can remember or interesting that stands out. I don’t think I would change anything from this past year but I would like to improve some things. I would want to improve my study habits but even though I say that it probably won’t happen. I could change that by start actually trying in school. like for my tests and assignments coming up. One thing that would prevent me from making this change is my lack of motivation.