Blog 11: Virtue Project

When I first read Franklin’s virtues and his perspective and challenges with them I instantly thought about how I would do when it came to this project. My group put all the virtues in order based on most relevant to least relevant. The virtue I had the most trouble with was temperance because I never have anything to do on the school days and get very bored which ends up causing me to eat only because i’m bored. The worst part is I do it even though I know I am doing it. On Friday though I ate and broke many virtues and temperance was still one of them. In this case I went out to eat at taco bell and this made me break wellness because taco bell is not healthy at all. I also broke¬†temperance again because I over ate. Frugality was broke because I spent more money than I should’ve. Silence was broken in some classes because I talked too much and ended up getting yelled at for it. Cleanliness was broke on Sunday because when I got home late I was too tired to get a shower and ended up just taking one the next morning. Justice was broke on Tuesday because my mom wanted me to pick up milk and I told her I would have been late for something when I actually just didn’t feel like getting it. I feel that I followed the rest of the virtues pretty well. For example I followed educate, resolution, moderation, selfless, and order. I don’t think I broke these overall but yet again and I can’t even remember what I ate for supper last night. It is also sometimes hard for people to own up to their bad behavior or mistakes. this project helped me take in perspective of how I actually am and What virtues I actually follow.¬†