Blog 10: Back to Analysis

When I first read the poem ” The Dodo’s Conundrum” I had no idea what to make of it or what it was trying to explain. It sounded like a bunch of random things at first until I thought about each line and stanza individually. Then after I took it apart
I figured out the narrator was trying to describe a perfect world or a utopia in comparison to a train set. This comparison was used to explain how the perfect world would have a perfect little town just like train model sets have with perfect little people in them. Some parts of the poem are still confusing when it comes to talking about the mermaids. I don’t really know how or what that has to do with the poem. The questions asked in sound and sense were very much easier to answer than the ones for “Eldorado”. I would not say that writing poetry has really impacted my way of analyzing poem’s we read but I would say the more we do the better we get because we know what to look for.

Blog 9: No More Poetry (Writing)!

My perception of poetry has changed from the beginning of this unit till now because I can actually go through the analyzing faster and without as much help as before. I still don’t like poetry at all and would rather not do it. Now that we have requirements I can understand the poems we read and are better for me to be able to write a poem when they are assigned. Between the first poem I wrote and the second poem I know what exactly I need in the poem to make it sound good. For example, my first poem I didn’t have rhythm and I didn’t have enough syllables but my second poem I did. My second poem is about the morning of Christmas and the excitement kids go through once they wake up the morning of. I chose this topic since Christmas is coming up and I thought it was easy to explain my excitement for the holiday while it’s here. If I added visuals to my second poem I could help with the understanding because I could find pictures of presents and Christmas trees that represent the part of my poem that explain all the gifts under the tree. I could also use pictures of kids happy when they come down the stairs. Other pictures I could use is Christmas decorations for the part of my poem that explain all the red and green they see when they wake up. Some pictures could almost be used as a onomatopoeia in the places that I say “CHEER” or “AMEN”!

Blog 8: Poetry

Poetry. I hate poetry. It’s boring to me and I personally don’t like to have to think so deeply about something in order to read it. Like why would i read something in order to analyze and take it apart. Don’t get me wrong, some poems that are easy to understand right away and analyze are cool. There are some poems that I have read and thought “wow”. Sometimes certain poems make me think different perspective. The poems we have read are the perfect example of why I would rather not read poetry. For example, when we read these poems I tried to understand them somewhat and got a theme out of them, well at least I did. Then when we analyzed them and took them apart, I was totally wrong. That’s why I don’t like poetry. When we read and went over the analysis for Eldorado that exact thing happened. I thought the theme was one thing and it turned out to be another. But after all I ended up understanding it. Other than reading a professionals poetry, I am gonna have to write a poem myself. The worst thing you could do to a person that HATES poetry is have them write a poem. So for this poem I thought about what I love the most to make it somewhat good. Food, I love food. That is what my poem is going to about and it is going to be amazing. I’m going to include how happy it makes me because nothing else does. 

IR: Book 1

When I think about a death in a family, I picture relatives not speaking, grief expressed through every action, and a wave of reality that hits. These are all things I noticed when I read the book I Was Here. this book shows what it’s like for a group of people to go through a unexpected death and having to make sense of why this event happened. The challenge throughout the story is trying to find ways to move on and finding forgiveness. The one person that shows most of this anger and emotion is Cody, she survives her best friends death. She experiences confusion, anger, and depression. One thing i really loved about this book is to see how she overcame all of those feelings. I read this book to see what it’s like to go through something so terrible and to see different ways people overcome it. I felt that it was a great life lesson book. It is god for advice and comfort, especially if you are currently going through a situation like Cody’s. Going into reading this book i wasn’t excited because i looked at it as just another book to read for AR but afterwards i came out of it enjoying it. There was some things about the book i did not enjoy. For example, i did not like how the narrator dragged for most parts of the book. During Cody’s mission to avenge her friends death the feeling throughout was lost. This affected other characters as well and made it hard to tell what kind of person they were and what they felt about their friends death. Although i enjoyed this book, i feel that not everybody else will also. This book was very heavy in feeling and sad. Other than that it is a good, educated book to show suicide and how to stop or help people that may be going that direction.