Blog 5: Short Story Writing

The six word story I chose was “For sale:baby shoes. never worn”. I chose this one because I felt it was the easiest one to get an idea from. the idea I got from this six word short story isn’t a very happy idea. In my story it will start off with the wife, Emily, telling the husband, Ryan, about antique baby shoes she wanted to get for their baby girl, Penelope. Ryan continues to argue with Emily explaining how the shoes are not in their budget, being antiques. Ryan leaves for work mad and upset after the argument feeling regret the rest of his day at work. this regret gets to him to the point he decides to buy the shoes for Penelope because he knows how important it is to her. After finding and buying the baby shoes he is heading home when he sees off towards the area of his house a huge black smoke cloud. As he arrives home seeing his house in flames he shortly after gets word that his daughter and wife never made it out. Months later ahead the story explains how police find out it was arson. This makes Ryan eager to find out who it was. With past history of hating his wife, he instantly thinks of his mother, Nancy. After court hearings and investigations there was still no proof of it being her. Ryan refuses to let her getting away with it even if she is his mom. Ryan decides to cut the brakes on his own mothers car leading her to loose control and drive off a bank and dying. Getting life in prison, Ryan’s house is being sold. once new people move into the house, they look in the attic to find boxes left over with a pair a old antique baby shoes with the tag still on them. Having to not be their things the new couple have a yard sale selling the baby shoes. I got this idea just after advice from my peers and notes from in class. I now having a better understanding on how to write a story then I did before.




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