Blog 4: Independent Reading

Ever since I watched the great movie rendition of If I Stay, written by Gayle Forman, I was excited to hear about I Was Here. Just like Gayle’s previous work, I loved how she takes a touching and sad topic and makes in into a loving mood. Right in the first sentence of the book it starts off with Meg’s suicide letter. In her letter she shortly explains how this is her decision alone and apologizes for the pain it will cause. I was surprised along after reading that how she continued to email the letter to friends and family. Meg also had another letter saying what motel she was in, room number, and what poison she ingested. I felt she was very blunt for also having a note instructing the maid to call the police along with a fifty-dollar tip. This made me confused right off the start of reading this book. A way I feel Gayle Forman likes to write her books is with flashbacks was like in If I Stay, she starts off by talking about the death while flash backing to how it lead up to it. Even thought I enjoy this type of writing, it can make me confused having to jump back and forth. It did make me upset when Cody explains writing her eulogy and including memories of them from kindergarten. Also the way she explained certain details she noticed about her and this made me try to relate but I couldn’t even imagine. My favorite character so far is Cody obviously. She is the main character and after all shes been through she doesn’t give off a sympathetic feeling which makes you want to feel bad for her. Meg is my least favorite character because although she committed suicide I

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feel it was completely selfish of her. I feel it is selfish for anyone that commits suicide because in the end it hurts more people around them worse then they hurt themselves. I can almost relate to Cody because two years ago I had a family friend that decided to take his own life instead of reaching out and till this day I still have so many questions I wish I could ask him. Cody feels the same way for Meg, wanting to just get another chance to be with her. So far I like this book but I can not tell what the resolution will be, too early to tell.

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