Blog 3: DnTW

My first initial reaction to “The Devil and Tom Walker” was that I did not like it. I felt that it was too hard to comprehend and was confusing. When I think of a short story that was too long. I also had to read it more than once to finally get somewhat of a comprehension of it. The only part of the story I started to get a little interested was towards the end where the suspense started to build up. I also felt like I lost interests once I have to think about the story more and more. I like to read and understand the first time. I can not say I have read anything much like this story before. The main reason I have not read much of anything like this is the amount of symbolization and deep meanings in the story. An example of the symbols in this story was how the author used the trees to represent people in the story. Also by explain how they are “rotten to the core” in sense of people seems pure on the outside but mean on the inside. I got a better understanding once we discussed the story and had things explained. My impression of the society was described poor and gloomy which helped compliment the story. It helped me understand some of the meaning and symbols by creating a lesson learning mood. Which is also why Irving wrote this story, to teach lessons. Some of the points he was trying to get across was the greed, showing how some people will do anything to get want they want, not caring about others. This is one of many points the author tried expressing in this short story. To improve this story for a more modern audience I would try to make it more understanding in a way. Instead of having such deep meaning that you have to stop and think about, maybe having a more obvious meaning that still keeps the reader interested. I also would try to have more action and suspense especially in the beginning. I didn’t enjoy the story until towards the end anyway. If I was the author these are some things I would modify for a more modern audience.


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