Blog 2: A week of notes?!

My perspective on the way I look at stories did not change much after discussing the notes in class. I did get a better understanding on how to look deeper into the characters and what the story really means. When I read a book I usually just focus on the main idea of the story, who the characters are, and where the story takes place. When I read a book or watch a movie I find myself having to reread or go back and watch the movie over again. I have to do this because I do not pay attention or think about the meaning of the story rather than thinking deeply about what the author is trying to say. One thing that I took away from the notes was when we talked about Forest Gump. One example from that movie was the quote, ” life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get”. any time I saw that quote I never thought about what it meant, but after the notes I got the analogy that if you would pick a good piece you would be happy and have a good day, but if you picked a bad piece you could have a bad day. To have a better understanding you could think of it as what you choose to do in life or in a single day can choose how your life or day will go. This helped my understand the characters and story better. The difference between just observing a story and being an active audience is finding a connection and understanding. If you are anything like me and just read a book to read it, you do not find the real meaning or connection of the story. If you read a book for the enjoyment then you can find the connections and true meaning behind the story rather than just the main idea. I am usually the type to just observe a story and just try to look for the main idea. I can not remember the last time I wanted to read for enjoyment. Besides reading, this week has not changed much compared to last week. They both were pretty chill. The only thing different I found was that think was went extremely fast.


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