Blog 2: A week of notes?!

My perspective on the way I look at stories did not change much after discussing the notes in class. I did get a better understanding on how to look deeper into the characters and what the story really means. When I read a book I usually just focus on the main idea of the story, who the characters are, and where the story takes place. When I read a book or watch a movie I find myself having to reread or go back and watch the movie over again. I have to do this because I do not pay attention or think about the meaning of the story rather than thinking deeply about what the author is trying to say. One thing that I took away from the notes was when we talked about Forest Gump. One example from that movie was the quote, ” life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get”. any time I saw that quote I never thought about what it meant, but after the notes I got the analogy that if you would pick a good piece you would be happy and have a good day, but if you picked a bad piece you could have a bad day. To have a better understanding you could think of it as what you choose to do in life or in a single day can choose how your life or day will go. This helped my understand the characters and story better. The difference between just observing a story and being an active audience is finding a connection and understanding. If you are anything like me and just read a book to read it, you do not find the real meaning or connection of the story. If you read a book for the enjoyment then you can find the connections and true meaning behind the story rather than just the main idea. I am usually the type to just observe a story and just try to look for the main idea. I can not remember the last time I wanted to read for enjoyment. Besides reading, this week has not changed much compared to last week. They both were pretty chill. The only thing different I found was that think was went extremely fast.


Blog 1: First Week

My first week was just what I expected, the same old first week of school. Throughout the summer I was slowing counting down the days wishing for it to go slower, because the thought of only having two years left of high school is depressing. Besides the fact of that, I enjoyed coming back to see my friends that I may not have been able to see over the summer. Also, it makes me happy that it means football games, soccer season, and fair week is back! Some good things that have happened so far this week, that is good, is I finally started my first varsity game. Even thought it was only a scrimmage, it is important to me because I went from playing junior varsity and not getting a second of varsity time, to starting a varsity game. There is not much of a story for this week, but that might only be me not paying attention and not really caring enough to want to know if there is one. If there is anything that I have been paying attention to is everyone worrying about our football game against southern tonight. Everyone has been asking the football guys if they think we will do better than last year or be able to at least hold them off. I am excited to see what they can do. My expectations for this year most likely won’t happen, because when do they ever? But if they do I would like to make honor roll all four marking periods, keep my starting position for soccer, make new friends, and just overall successfully make it through this school year. My classes this year are actually hard for me. I think I will enjoy american literature and anatomy & physiology. My pre-calc class is just extremely boring and seems challenging, along with my american cultures class that just makes me want to sleep. I have not had any surprises yet this week, but I am sure by the end of this year there will be many. i am overall excited to see how this year goes and if I actually do all the things I plan on.