Blog 16

I do not agree with the saying “that government is best which governs least.” I think it is more the people who run the government. If the people in office are good at their job then it should be fine. Also, who decides if the government is good at their job. There are a lot […]

Blog 15: Thoreau’s Attempt

They have very similar thoughts. They both focus a lot on nature and express that you shouldn’t worry about what people think of you. Society will be wrong so just do your own thing. Emerson talks about feeling like he cannot do anything. Thoreau then talks about living far away from society. Specifically he talks […]

Blog 14

My thoughts on arguing definitely changed after this unit. Arguing with people is fun, but now I learned how to do it the right way. Normally when arguing I do not focus on the type of appeals they use, the fallacies, or the rhetorical devices. Going into this unit I was not excited, because I […]

The topic I got for the debate is Universal Healthcare. The side that I got put on for the debate was the pro side of it. Which I am kind of mad about, the side that I picked is not the side I am on in real life. I think that we shouldn’t have free […]

Blog 12

I think a big issue for debate would be abortion. This topic has two sides because some people are all it and other people say that it is murder. The people who are pro abortion say that women should have control over their own bodies. Also, when getting an abortion you are not killing the […]

Blog 11: Virtues

I took the time to see what virtues I violated and which ones I did not. Honestly, I could have went without doing this experiment and still tell you the same outcome. I was not to surprised with the results. I try to have a routine everyday, so that sometimes help me stay on track […]

Blog 10

The first time we read the poem I was confused, but I think I got the main idea. We though it was about the model trains and having a better life. There were still a lot of words and connections I did not understand. My table and I thought that the theme of this poem […]

Blog 9

My perception of poetry is a little different. When looking through the poems to pick our favorite I enjoyed more poems than I thought. I connected with a lot of them. I did find some weird poems that I thought were pointless. I still find it confusing and very hard to write. I will always […]


Honestly I do not like reading a lot of poetry. There are only a few types I like to read.  Anyway, the poems we read were okay I guess, but I would not read them again. I would only if I had to. I just find some poetry to be very boring. I think Eldorado […]

Independent Reading

The first book that I choose to read was The Secret Language of Sisters. I choose to read this book because the synopsis thing when you open the book made it seem exciting. Also, the picture looked cool so it made me grab it off the shelf. The synopsis talked about how one text changed […]