Blog 22

My reaction to the film is that it is easy to understand but boring. I am still confused about who turned the light off and knew that he said “rosebud.” It was boring to me, because nothing exciting happened and it was easy for me to get distracted. I think that the parts that were good was near the end of the end of the film where she walked away from him and said “oh yes I can.” It was good for one of the girls to stand up to him and make him feel bad for what he did to them. Also, another good part to me was the ending when we finally found out what “rosebud” meant. The things that were bad to me was the constant switching between girls and the guys and past or present. I just couldn’t remember what was what and it was just distracting. The ugly parts to me if that makes sense was when he had the affair and left his son for another girl. I think that he shouldn’t have done that.

I think that we are supposed to realize that the American Dream is not what everyone thinks. I also think that it is a good lesson for us because we realize that having a lot of money is stressful and not always good. Kane is one of the most wealthiest people and he can buy anything he wants. He has so much money that he can’t spend it all and he is very unhappy. I think we need to take away the fact that you can be happy and don’t have to have the biggest house or tons of money. Happiness will come from having things you enjoy and not being so stressed out, unlike Kane. One of the main reasons that Charles can’t be happy is because of his parents not wanting him. That will do a lot of emotional damage which is shown as he got older. Running for Congress and having to deal with the affair, is also stressful for him. The affair could have ruined everything and he knew he had to deal with that. The figures that impacted his happiness was that he finally realized that basically no one cared for him and other people don’t matter. He just needs love in his life to help his happiness, because both of his previous marriages got messed up.

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